Super Pixelknight

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A retro jump n run featuring 18 action-packed levels with many different monstertypes, 3 arcade style bosses and lots of weapons and magic spells - rescue the pixel kingdom today!

Art by Eric Wright from MyGameline
Music by Filip Miljkovic from AtomicDNB

Super Pixelknight is actually the third installment in a series of pixel-slaughter games. You can find its predecessors here on Newgrounds: Pixelknight I and Pixelknight II

EDIT 07-12-2010:
Hey folks,

I just found the time to hunt down some of the bugs.
Thanks to NG & Community for all the great feedback and exposure.



very nice!

you must have put a lot of work into it. i love the game except i cant figure out how to beat the 2nd boss =\ kudos!

Here it is !

Seriously couldn't find this game for the life of me after I first played it while on the front page... then wondered why it was NOT on the front page seeing how awesome this game is ! Its truly fun to play over and over again but my only complaint would be that the Axe is way too out balanced , you get it at the beginning and you're guaranteed to never die if you're used to Castlevania/adventure island. The falchion blows because its too slow , the orb is useless , hammer is just silly lol

But yeah , get the axe because it doesnt have a delay between shots , just keep shooting while the screen scrolls and you'll pwn any monsters before even seeing them move xD The magic ball it summons also rapes about anything , specially the final boss.

Oh also , I dont like how there's no weapon stronger than the other's a.k.a always needing the same number of hits.

Very very good game!

For those of you complaining about difficulty.. its obvious this game is a call to old school games which WERE this hard. Except of course they didn't allow you to continue forever like this game does.. well most anyway. Very close to how old games functioned.. the control style and the OMG MONSTER OUTTA NOWHERE. Anyway.. the only complaint I had was the shuriken was the best weapon by far. When all the weapons do the same damage and you definitly want gravity to effect them the fastest weapon will always win. Plus the magic spell on the shuriken is a shield allowing you to move your mana into health persay AND damage enemies at the same time. This game is probably harder if you don't use that weapon.. I'll have to play it again with the others to truly enjoy the difficulty.

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Loved it

Very good!

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Excellent Game!

The Shuriken proved clearly the best weapon, great improvement over the other two games.

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
11:15 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other