Super Pixelknight

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A retro jump n run featuring 18 action-packed levels with many different monstertypes, 3 arcade style bosses and lots of weapons and magic spells - rescue the pixel kingdom today!

Art by Eric Wright from MyGameline
Music by Filip Miljkovic from AtomicDNB

Super Pixelknight is actually the third installment in a series of pixel-slaughter games. You can find its predecessors here on Newgrounds: Pixelknight I and Pixelknight II

EDIT 07-12-2010:
Hey folks,

I just found the time to hunt down some of the bugs.
Thanks to NG & Community for all the great feedback and exposure.



fun but...

First of all, get rid of submit your score until the end of the game. The continue function should keep your score going (maybe lose 1000 points if you die, which is inevitable).
Get rid of high cliffs that have no use, it's annoying.
I believe in the third Level of the graveyard there are two pillars right next to each other that you have to jump on top of, I thought they were solid and walked right off the lower one even though it was right next to the other pillar! Replace with floating platforms, please.
Some weapons allow you to throw unlimited ammo at a time, others is one at a time, I think its believable to be able to throw multiple swords if you can throw multiple axes at a time aka just be consistent.
Some weapons (like the bow) shoot multiple arrows, but if you hit one enemy with both at once, it still only counts as one hit, should be doubled.
Otherwise, awesome game. I really like the story, love all the weapon choices (except the orb, I just die with it), characters are sometimes weird, but cool. I like how the difficulty increases. This could be a really great game, but it just needs some fixin'. 4 and 8. good job (again, stop asking me to submit score)

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All RIght

It reminds me of ghouls and ghost (which I almost beat). I only played your game for a few minutes then stoped it lacks some polish. For example you need the ability the aim up and when you jump you need the ability to aim down but other than that good game.


mostly the game was fun to play, although there were some real unfair parts in it (like you have to jump in a pit and SOMEWHERE are spikes, without me having any chance to know )
also, i dont want to freaking submit my score, so stop asking it me every time i die (happend pretty often)
i played until i had to fight this giant death, i tried several times and after finding no way to avoid touching an enemy that spawns on you every 3 seconds i decided to rage quit

pretty good

but theres some bugs to fix...
red slime wont die sometimes
wont jump near edge
sword throws backwards when im trying to throw it forwards


It's probably because of your computer from the 80's. =D

Good game could use better music though =/

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2010
11:15 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other