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After watching Ukigumo a billionth time I thought it would be cool if you could play it. And then movie was game. Hope you like it <3

Original Animation by DDDot
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=hrew1qwH2oU

Audio: Ukigumo - higedriver

EDIT// Woooooow Frontpage, I was literally watching my friend play Super Meat Boy at his house when I decided to check out Newgrounds on my phone since I haven't for a while due to my mom taking away my comp and HOLY CRAP I almost cried, I love you all ;w;

And yes I do agree with all you, Its more of an interactive movie, I'm sorry, I literally flipped a coin when deciding where to put this, my bad, and yes it is also unoriginal, I just wanted to make something fun when I watched the original but I did remake this whole thing too, I'm sorry gosh >:U

My next pieces will be more original though I promise, Thank you all <3

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Ok this was an interesting game.

I like this it had alot of good points some things could be worked on and such, but you gave it all the elements that i come to enjoy in flash like this, so great start here on something pretty interesting, Now i must say this was pretty interesting but it was still lacking, it was lacking in more "MEDALS" and more "INTERACTIVITY" the game was fun and could also use more color to it, more color sooner would be nice. The game was actually kind of simple, and was fun but seemed to need more stuff going on especially more medals to achieve and just more stuff all around, So while this was pretty good it could use a few extras It had everything that made it a great flash nice art, nice detail and nice graphics, so all and all this was actually a pretty good flash. So as any suggestions i posted try them and see how it goes, but for the overall of this it was pretty good stuff.

There alot you can do with this, i thought i would atleast suggest a few ideas i hope you do use some of them since it will improve on an already decent flash, so below i have suggested some new ideas and old tips that can make it all worth your while, keep up the good effort. more color sooner would be nice. Decent medal options here but seemed like there was just too little, especially when it just started getting good, you should add more medals, alot more, something to think about. And one thing this needs much more of is more Interactivity, it has some but not enough and would be much more fun with alot more interactivty especially for a game.

Hey, where's my medal??


the music is way ahead.



Quick and Fun

I really enjoyed the quick variations of style. Good work.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2010
8:14 PM EST

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