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Meteorite smash 3

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Author Comments

This is the final version of the 3 games i made. I added background music, i fixed the score bugs, and i fixed the glitch where you fly off screen.

i still need to work on the glitch where if you get hit by a commet it doesn't put you at the game over screen.

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Keep on trying!

I know that you said this was a final one, but can I suggest that you make it a little better with a few hints and tips?

Things to fix:

1) When something explodes it never actually leaves the screen. It leaves that weird imprint on the screen and it really looks bad after you kill a certain amount of things.

2) I'll go with one that you already know. You obviously can't die in the game so that is something you want to learn how to fix for sure. I'm assuming it's another thing that you can just ask in the forum and learn how to do.

3) I know that nobody with the right sense of mind would travel all the way to the right side of the screen, but for some reason if one wanted to they wouldn't be able to because there is some sort of barrier there. Perhaps get rid of that if possible.

4) I hate that the background doesn't move. That's one of the things that really throws me off in flashes. If the space ship is moving then the background should slowly be moving to the left. It'll actually give the illusion that progress is being made.

Things that would make it better:
(Note, I know your a beginner, but I'm just giving you suggestions of things to slowly learn and implement into your game)

1) Make it have levels of some sort. I actually don't think that levels are very hard with this program.

2) Make it have bosses or other things to change up the pace of the gameplay. This would go along with the levels.

3) Have upgrades of some sort come into screen. Perhaps like a shield or whatnot, but you would probably just want to start off with something simple like a health upgrade.

4) Make the plasma stronger or the regular gun weaker. I found that it didn't matter what gun that I used. I suggest making the blast for the plasma a lot larger so it has the potential to hit more things.

Other comments:

Keep on working. I think you're going to be on your way to creating decent games pretty soon. Once you create a couple of decent games you'll be on your way to creating some good games. It's only a matter of time, patience, and practice.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Im still new to the program lol, im still learning and whatnot. if i could i would make it so enemies have to take more than one hit to die. and i cant seem to fix the death bug its really frustrating the piss out of me that i cant find where its going wrong at.
thanks for reviewing :D

Not so sure.

I mean, this is definately a good base to begin with, and it does use the engine rather nicely, but I do have my reservations.

The actualy gameplay was simple, but relatively solid, enough so for it to be a somewhat enjoyable experience, but I just don't feel the game has any real longevity.

My main problem is that there is no real incentive to continue play, you could export the game to a .fla file, and maunually add the api for medals, or you could make certain things unlock with ceratin amounts of points.

The graphics weren't really to my taste to be honest, I'm guessing you just used sprites you found on the internet, and it shows, there isn't really any continuity, graphics wise, and the background, combined with the restricted movement, makes things a little bland.

Not bad at all.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Ok, thanks for reviewing. if i do make another sidescroll ill check and see if i can get an animated background.


You are on the way to making awesome games. This reminds me of a pong game i made in java using Tony Haywards face, an underwater oil blob, and my teachers face. Just a tip, at the end it would be cool to restart at 0 score and with the full lives again. No need for a retard button, just when lives = 0 , restart. Like I said your on the way to making great games.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Thats a bug, when you die sometimes it doesn't put you to the game over screen, im just gonna fix it some other time when i get the chance.

Nice but not special

Nice little game but nothing special. Did you took the Musik from "Age of War"?

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

The music in age of war is glorius morning by waterflame, i just used a different track by him :p

Well done

Classic concept, decent art. I like the game and would like to see it expanded upon (make it more difficult as you get farther in). Good work overall for a basic game.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Im thinking about starting over and just taking out the meteors and making it ships instead.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2010
12:26 PM EST