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Appreciation 5 Points

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Suicidal 10 Points

Restart 100 times in one level

Hardcore skillz 25 Points

Beat level 18

Escape 50 Points

Beat the game

Speed-demon 100 Points

Beat the game in one session in under 20 minutes

Still Alive 100 Points

Beat the game in one session without dying or restarting

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Welcome to Gravinaytor, the world where anything possible, is possible. Retro Platformer + Modern Mechanics + Gravity Physics = GRAVINAYTOR. You wake up in a laboratory and have no idea where you are. As you start to question why you are here, a young girl somewhere in the lab calls you, and gives you guidance. You start to travel through the laboratory, in search of a way out.

Each level has a unique twist on the gravity arrow mechanic. No levels require guesswork, just platforming ability and good use of the mechanic.

-Over 60 lines of cute yet scary voice acting!
-Over 35 Levels with to provide a unique platforming and puzzle solving experience!
-Levels don't require guesswork, all of it is built off of the core gravity mechanic!
-Gorgeous pixel art!
-Retro platforming with a twist
-More than just a platformer! Levels make you think!

Thanks to some people who helped make this release happen:
Tom Fulp (For buying a license)
Mike (NG API Support)
Some Musician

If you love the game and want to show some support, buy a poster over here:
www.alnoorgames.com/gravi naytor/merch

Please vote this into the flixel section!

If you wrote the music for this game, please PM me so I can add you. I'm sorry, but I lost the audio portal ID of the song :(

Inspirational Games: Portal (Valve), That Gravity Game (Juice-Tin), Super Meat Boy (Edmund M)

DONATE: neilforoshan@yahoo.com if you like the game! It will be used to make more awesome games!



Level 19 is insane.LOL.
Game itself is so so goood.

The tea is a lie !!!

Sure was nice to feel a little portaly again after some time . The game overall was nice , even though the levels were a little unbalanced ... Hard , easy , hard, easy ... and the final stage lacked .... action ...


cool game but just a remake of THE GRAVITY GAME nothing special than other games but nicee with some cute voice acting and nice experiene i would give it a 10 if it wasnt a remake.correct me if this was made before THE GRAVITY GAME i checked the date of uplad but i dont remember about the other games date

Ok, This was pretty good, But WTF?

Had the most suckiest ending ever."Stop! It's killing me!" WTF?! Anyway I don't know what all the fuss is about level 18+, I found it easy enough. But the levels do get boring, I agree with RobJohnson. And the robot is really weird. Why the hell would a chipmunk's voice turn out to be a ugly robot? I wasn't expecting a Super Metrois-esque robot, but it still is pretty ugly at the end.
8/10 for music and medals and graphics. Also +1 for the WTF moment.


But from lvl 18+ the levels get too hard and the controls spazz out a bit,and when im near the end of the level i cant make it because of spikes on the ceiling that are too low,and sometimes if you miss a certain platform you have to start all over again.And not too keen on the voice.

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2010
6:59 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle