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Tranquil House V 2.0

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Hey again this is my second shot at this gimme some feedback on what you think an how i can improve it =D
EDIT:Just got the preloader fixed =D

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Make something happen

While the audio is good and the picture is good too, this is almost more of just a picture than anything else.

Perhaps somethings you could do is make people look out from the window when you roll your mouse over it? or maybe just make people look out at random?

Another thing you could do is have the garrage door move up and down or something to that effect.

One thing about the garrage thoguh, why is there a garrage if theres no driveway? instead, there is a berry bush infront of the opening????

Not bad, but boreing.

Not Sure How to Rate This...

The artwork is fine, so I would give it a high mark if I was rating only the artwork. Otherwise, this is supposed to be... a music video for ambient music? I suppose I could put it on in the background while I comb the cat. I would say that if you've gotten a few animation skills down pat, and it seems like you have, now it's time to actually do something with them. The low rating is ultimately because the flash is more like a screen saver than a coherent piece of art or entertainment. If I am to offer feedback on how to improve it, I would say this: you've got the trainquil house; now you need to do something interesting with it.