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Author Comments

Version 1.1 uploaded:
1) Enemy's upgrades no longer follow your own
2) No opposing priests until level 9
Conquer the civilization by switching and matching your way through epic battles! Switch to gather

Use resources to train troops or build buildings. Upgrade buildings to get access to new types of troops and magic spells.

1. The priests are killed by magic. Spells always kills the strongest units first. Also priests can be killed with own priests or with fast units under protection magic (nature).
2. There is no need to send hords of units against priests. Simply let the priests past, and then counterattack with units of your own choice.

Switch to gather resources
Use resources to train troops or build building

Developed by Ed "ryzed" Ryzhov
Produced by Funflow

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Ambitious in concept, but it doesn't execute well. The Match-3 aspect of the game works fine enough, but the battle sim is clunky.

Good concept marred by poor gameplay

I won't repeat what others have already noticed about the CPU producing what I am supposed to have upgraded. This makes upgrading anything other than the market utterly useless.

I only upgrade the market so that I can exchange resources 1 for 1, and, because I saved tons from not upgrading, I am collecting 999 resources of wood and stone before long. These get traded for metal and food which, become hoplites. The final battle became absurdly easy.

Some fine tuning should definitely be in order.

KingDotCom responds:

The upgrade system has now been fixed: the CPU's upgrades are not at all connected to your own anymore.

I completely agree with Twad

With one addition. Far too often was the case that they would send a regiment of weak units like archers, and they would get very close to my side of the map. I would FINALLY (no thanks to spells) get enough resources to buy a centurion to take out at least one row of archers. But what happens instead?

They spawn in the row NEXT to the archers, allowing them to pass by unharmed.

This happened WAY too regularly. The strategy aspect needs some tweaking to make this game not infuriating.

A real "time-stealer"

It was fun, and after a while quite hard. So I went to battle and battle again..... and the hours went by.
On the higher lvls it´s easy to get stuck. Maybe you could add a possibility to gain resources even when you lose a battle?
Ok, it gets a little repetitive after a while, especially when you get stuck and have to go to the same battle over and over again.
Other than that: Great fun!

What? The CPU just copy us?!

The puzzle part is kind of fun. I didnt like the rest:

The CPU copy whatever i have! If i get priests he get some too, if i take centurion at the first map he does too! So where is the challenge/logic in that?

Taking spells is gimping our playstyle: spells token take the place of ressource tokens, severely reducing our capacity to get more ressource for troops.
So i avoided taking spells, for they hurt me a great deal more than they help me.

New troops? SHould i bother using new ones? THe CPU is just going to copy me so i do not do any progress since it will always be met with a more or less equal, opposite force (that doesnt need to collect ressource, so they have an edge there)

Bejeweled ssytem for ressource collection heavily favors grinding. In the first map i just let the board clean itself for a long time (while stalling the CPU's army), getting 800+ of each ressource (then i got bored and just killed the CPU right there) with all those ressources i could take new stuff but i know it wont help me in any way.. so why bother playing anymore? its just grinding. Its repetitive. Its not much fun.

Plus, there is little strategy possible since the CPU copy you all the time. You cant control what goes where. You cant get an edge unless you swim in excess ressources.

I was able to build the centurion building without respecting the prerequisite. Is it a bug or the prerequisite just unlock something extra?

Priests are very strong. Too strong. I expected them to heal nearby friendlies while they actually are destruction incarnate. And.. expensive. CPU builds them at-will, i cant (since they cost 15 gold) so i get overwhelmed quickly.

Poorly balanced game. The puzzle part is entertaining, but the military system link to it just isnt fun at all. No sense of progression with the CPU that copy what we get. Spells break ressource collecting (just put them on a timer or something)

KingDotCom responds:

The upgrade system has now been fixed: the CPU's upgrades are not at all connected to your own anymore.
The CPU does not get priests until level 9 now.

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2010
9:16 AM EST