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Originally intended as a more polished version of Windy-Squid's 'Be Happy', we ended up redoing nearly everything and changing the tone and feel completely. The gameplay remains as simple and straight forward as before (see below for controls), but with a completely new physics system and player character. Because this project had to be completed in time to be submitted with my portfolio for college applications, there are a few rough edges, but ultimately Windy-Squid and I are pretty happy with the revamp as a whole.


ARROW KEYS: move the paper
SHIFT: reset the paper's position (this won't hurt your progress. use it if you get stuck.)

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best game

omg i came so many timez


Very creative. Good job :) Would have appreciated some better music and better animation tho.


hey dude you make a original game is rare! but you can make he better on grafhics , music and more things ;)

bistofer responds:

glad you liked it. I appreciate the criticism.

Nice Great Game

I really like this game but I think it should have a better story to it and constant need to press shift to restart the papers position after getting stuck on a rock was kind of annoying. But all in all I loved this game.

bistofer responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game. I added the intro the day before the deadline, so it's not that polished at all. it's probably the part of the game I'm least happy with since it really didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.

Fun, but Still Has Some Problems

This is a fun little time waster, but the paper moves funny sometimes and clips though itself. Also, is there any end goal? I got 100 mini-suns and it appears that nothing happens.

bistofer responds:

thanks for the feedback. just to clarify, the paper is supposed to fold in on itself as a sheet of paper would. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by clipping in on itself, but there you go. as for your goal, it's to get the sun to rise by collecting the balls of light. In retrospect, I should have made the sun rising more noticeable, since it's pretty gradual as is.