meteorite smash 2

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i made some major improvements to this one compared to the last, i added a new background, another weapon, i fixed the bug where when you die you get infinite lives next round. i added scores, new enemies etc.

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This is defiantly an improvement upon the last one. It's nice to see that you've added more obstacles, and everything seems to come out at a more rapid rate, which defiantly adds a lot more fun to the game. It's also great to see that you've fixed the score problem, which was a very major con in the last game. Again, I love the sound effects you've used in this and I love the graphics.

This still has the problem of the exploding animations sticking to the screen. That's a very major annoyance in my opinion and I think you should do your best to remove it. Although I'll give you this, at least you seem to have removed it from doing so for the Meteorite's.

This also still seems allow you to go into the center of the screen, just shoot rapidly, and never dying. This defiantly needs to be fixed as it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Remember, the more challenging a game is, the more fun it is. Although, of course, if it's to challenging it's just annoying.

This also still has the annoying shooting sound effect that sounds like somebody knocking on a door. That's very very unrealistic in my opinion, and I still think you should make it sound more realistic.

I personally don't like the background. It's very low quality and it appears that there is water at the bottom. I think if you made it more simple, with just a black background and little white dots floating around, it would look a lot better than basically anything else.

there is a problem

When i blow things up they tend to stay behind, like they leave a crater and stuff, still no music and i can literally just exit the screen completely now.

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

not sure how to fix the first one without taking the explosion out completely. and like i said in the response below im working on music, and ill just create a wall or something to keep you from going off screen.

Ok, but not a very new game idea!

It's generally a good concept and game in gameplay, although graphics and audio are lacking. My two suggestions are that you 1. Add some background music (there's tons of it to find in the Newgrounds Audio Portal, just make sure you attribute the music to the creator) and 2. look for better graphics (a neat idea would be to have your space background slowly move off to the left; if you have one big enough, then it'll look like you are slowly flying through space). Keep up your work, it looks not half bad. :)

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Im working on getting background noise, im having some problems getting it to work so when i do get it to work ill update it.

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1.57 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2010
4:31 PM EST
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