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Nephi's Adventure 2

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After the Bell 5 Points

Take a cheap shot after winning the dreidel game

Appreciator 5 Points

View the ending credits

Super Saver 5 Points

Save your game

Antique Roadshow 10 Points

Inspect every kind of plate and then choose wisely

Kamikaze 10 Points

Defeat the Turbo Anti-Korihor 2000 without wearing armor

Razor's Edge 25 Points

Defeat Laban in one slice

Gumdrop Warrior 50 Points

Beat the game on Gumdrop (no blood) Mode

Nephi's Courage 50 Points

Beat the game on Blood Mode

Author Comments

Point and Click your way to obtaining the Plates from Laban in this fully-voiced Adventure Game!

UPDATE Nov 18th 2010: Added a "SKIP" button for dialogue after many requests :)

Game does NOT auto-save, you have to click the options menu and select a save slot to save as you go

This was started about 4 years ago and was put on and pulled off the shelf quite a few times in the interim. We're very proud of the final product and hope you enjoy it too. Thanks to all our friends and family who helped with voice-acting, testing, and sound effects!

Art: Nick Pasto
All Original Music: Jonathan Chan
Programming: Jonathan Chan

Only available on Android at the moment.
Search the Marketplace for "Nephi's Adventure" and click the image of Nephi's head to begin the download for $0.99
Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you're really stuck, use this link for hints, and if that still fails watch the video:
http://bomtoons.newground s.com/news/post/538110


YAY bomtoons

Ok so im a fan of your games this was one quite good i usually dont like this type of games but this one i enjoyed. few points though it did look like you got a bit lazy on some of the later animations and art which was a bit dissapointing.

Pretty good play

I actually found the difficulty of the game pretty solid. Its always a challenge with these types of games to make the difficulty challenging enough to keep interest yet the puzzles not too obscure that they become frusterating. I kind of felt like it got to the frusterating point in the last Alice is Dead. In this particular game it felt comfortable. There were points where i felt stuck but i eventually figured out. Which was what you want from a game. Storyline was pretty good, the characters were fairly interesting and I did like the dreidel and mario bit.
One of the gripes I had was that the volume level of the spoken dialogue seem to fluctuate throughout. Didnt really affect the gameplay in any dramatic fashion but it kinda stuck out and was worth mentioning.
Also, i kinda wish i could skip through dialogue. Maybe being able to skip through it during the second time a conversation is launched? I felt kind of stuck at some points because the conversations were lengthy in some bits and i had already figured out what i wanted to do and just wanted to walk away or hurry the conversation and get to my tasks. I dunno maybe thats a personal thing. I also found that meter thing when you are doing away with that guy kind of laggy. Like it wasnt registering my click accurately so it felt unnecessarily hard to hit that sweet spot. Dunno if that was intentional.

ANYWAY it kept me busy for a good 20 mins so all in all good ol' graphic adventure

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BoMToons responds:

Allowing skippable dialogue on the 2nd go-round is a good idea.

As for audio, since 1/2 the game was done 4 years ago, and then we returned to finish off the rest recently, the differences were kind of unavoidable, hopefully we can focus enough on future installments to record all the audio in the same timeframe :-P

THANKS for the review LUIS!


Works well as a point and click, looking forward to more interesting chapters.


Not a bad game, but not necessarily great either. The work you put into this really shows, but it totally comes off as some cheesy prude religious kids game because erm...well it is. Newgrounds back in the old days was a site for mindless violence, and everything offensive you can imagine, which is pretty much why I love it. This game seems more suited for small children or good religious kids who think that a hit of pot will make you hallucinate and jump out of a window.

I mean, the whole game I'm trying to click on things with a WOODEN knife and I get this cheesy voice, "violence is not the answer," but then he hears the voice of "god" and decides to murder someone in cold blood? What the fuck? Kinda twisted if you ask me...

As far as replay value, the game has none other than some medal points. The one scene with blood is going to show gumdrops I guess? Pretty pointless to replay the entire game for that...

The voice acting was actually quite good though. I can tell you took plenty of time to do it, as pretty much everything you'd want to click on, you can, and you'll get an explanation. Even mundane items like chairs and tables you can click on and get "it's a chair." I'm not sure I really enjoyed that though, it's just extra stuff to sift through pointlessly. Yes, I know it's a chair, I was looking for something useful to help me progress through the game. Some of them seemed a bit unneeded to me, as they never even ended up serving a purpose in the game.

Hearing the poem twice was almost excruciating. Especially with that girls cheesy voice. There's no way I can listen to it two more times for a medal. I don't care if it's 50 points, it's not worth it. A skip voice button would have been great for that especially. There was so much seemingly unnecessary conversation in this game and that's the only real reason it took a while.

As far as the drawings, they were great, I'm not gonna lie. I enjoyed the art very much, and the animation was pretty much spot on. No complaints there.

The music seemed rather appropriate for the scenes, and the sound effects you used were pretty much spot on. Like I said before, the voice acting was pretty much spot on except for the girl. That was honestly so cheesy it was hard to listen to. Especially the fact that she dragged it on for so long.

Overall the game was rather rewarding. It had a proper ending and some medals to make you feel like you accomplished something. Finally putting together the pieces of the puzzle was nice. Although I am an atheist, personally, I would play another episode of this. Although I had qualms with certain aspects of the game, it was fun to play at the very least, and the effort you put into this really paid off. Keep up the good work.

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BoMToons responds:

Thanks for the thorough review, I respect that you can appreciate some of the good points even though some other parts were bothersome :)


not to bad dude keep it up :D

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2010
11:43 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click