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Hello once again Newgrounders, and welcome to Bomboozle 2, where your job is to clear the island of as many of the pesky blob invaders as possible! There are now two ways of clearing blobs - the first is to simply click a group of 3 or more of the same colour, then click again. The second is to hold the left mouse button to draw a line over a chain of blobs, then let go to destroy them - both methods have their uses! Try toggling one-click mode with the space bar for rapid blob annihilation!

If you're able to clear a group of 5 or more then you'll be rewarded with a rather handy bomb which can clear a load of blobs in one go - just click a bomb twice to detonate it. If you're smart then you can chain multiple bomb explosions together to rack up stacks of points! A word of warning though - try to avoid clearing groups of 3 as a skull will be dropped in to the board which can only be removed with a bomb!

As you progress you'll come across new blobs which will make your life even more difficult than it already is. Fortunately though you have all new special abilities which are represented by the pots at the bottom of the screen. As you clear blobs these pots fill up, and once full you can use them to help you with a variety of things, such as destroying skulls and removing troublesome blobs at the bottom of the board.

There are many different ways to play Bomboozle 2, so develop your own strategy and go for the top score! There's a handy little surprise waiting for you if you an unlock all of the medals...best of luck, and happy Bomboozling!



PS. Thanks to NG users "steffen144", "noxus21" not to mention "fewmenleft" via Twitter, version 0.4.9 now has a few bug fixes and improvements. For example, collecting the treasure on your last move in 100 Moves mode will actually end the game properly now, multiple bombs can no longer be selected (massive bug I somehow missed!), but to make up for this the green potion will now kill the masked skulls outright.

PPS. Just uploaded version 0.5.0. Thanks to further input from "fewmenleft", I've now adjusted the "Destroy the bottom 3 rows" powerup so that it destroys all blobs outright - previously, megaskulls would just lose their mask and frozen blobs would only thaw out.

PPS. Thanks to Tom for the front page action! Just fixed another bug too - didn't realise that the last three pots weren't filling properly, so that's now fixed; ie. skulls should fill the white pot, wildcards should fill the rainbow pot, and bombs should fill the black pot. Don't know how we missed that, but there you go.

PPPS! Fixed an issue with the treasure not always reappearing, which is of course pretty important for getting that last medal. :)

PPPPS. ;) A few people (particularly WtfNinja and Morgomir) mentioned that they didn't think the game should end if you still had pots filled which could get you out of trouble, so I've now updated the game to allow for this. It did require a fair bit of code rewriting though, so let me know if any bugs pop up! The latest version is v0.5.6 - thanks for everyone's feedback and comments. :)


Great for wasting time, overall great !!

I cant make games, so I'm amazed you made this by your self. It is well made and easy to understand, all kids would love to play this and could be a handheld game maybe on the ds because that has touch screen right. Yeah overall great job !!

Really awesome super game!

But it has some flaws. But here is the things i like.

Music: I list this first becuase its so catchy! In fact, this would be awfully nice if there was a way to get it...anyways, goes really great with the game.

Animation: Usually i don't mind this when it comes to puzzle games unless it looks just like crap. I would say its good here.

Replay value: High...like really

Voice acting: Same thing, i usually don't worry about it during puzzle games. So its ok too.

Bad sides ):

Ice blocks: I do agree with the other dude, it is a bit annoying.

Getting treasure: I was really disappointed about this. I tried so hard to get it but it only game me a thousand. I found it completely pointless. Unless it increses gradually, you should at least increase the value.

Otherwise, another great addicting game. Hope their is a sequel. And is their any end to the blobs!?......geuss not XD

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Megadev responds:

The treasure does indeed increase in value each time you get it. Not sure what you mean about the ice blocks though - they're meant to be tricky to get rid of, otherwise the game would never come to an end. :) I'm sure there will be a sequel one day, but that could be another year or so away yet - watch this space. ;)

Next time

You should have him draw actual pictures as you complete lvls lol

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Megadev responds:

Nice idea - I'll make a note of that!

Oldie but a Goodie

Fresh spin on a classic concept; both fun and addicting.

Here's a well designed Puzzle game

While this game follows so many before it, it is a great puzzle game. You added your own touch and function to the game. I'm still boggled how to destroy the crystals with colors in it. never did get 3 of them next to each other. could destroy it with a bomb :)

Megadev responds:

Yep, I'm afraid that's the only way to get to the frozen blobs - with a bomb. :) Maybe in Bomboozle 3 we'll have them thaw out after so many turns...

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Nov 17, 2010
4:57 AM EST
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