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Webby 3

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Author Comments

Play as 1 of 4 unlockable characters in the newly re-vamped Arcade mode and set a highscore or try the new Story mode and travel through Webby's storyline, meeting new characters and enemies along the way.

This has been in development for a while because I wanted to do more than just an arcade mode with a few new things.

NOTE - The Mochi Coins cheats are completly optional and don't need to be bought in order to beat the game. They do make it a bit easier though, thats what cheats are for right?

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Very Enjoyable & Entertaining Game

I thoroughly enjoyed the original WEBBY game and the sequel WEBBY 2 and am pleased that NUTTER666 has now released WEBBY 3.
Ignore the haters and just play the game - it's great fun.
Definitely worth a rating of 10 / 10

Nutter666 responds:

Thanks for the review :) Glad you enjoyed my game.

I don't like it

As my title says, i don't like the game. The game is boring ( to my opinion) and well not really original. (Again a game where you have to avoid enemies.) The backgrounds maybe original and the spiders but it is rather annoying. (Again, it is my opinion)

Why do you have cheats in this game? What useful brings this game or entertainment to someone who earns the coins and spend them in a simple game. And what is the use for the extras in the game? What use has it for or what excitement brings the extras in the game without depth in storyline (I use this term VERY loosly) .

Why are you angry on the person above me. It is his opnion about your game and that is what the rating is all about on newgrounds to critize (positive or negative) with argumentation. And that is what he does.

You said the game has no objectives but the game says something else...

Nutter666 responds:

Firstly Im not angry with anyone, secondly what I said was that the game had no objectives involving the "collection" of spiders and wouldn't be able to work in a way like that which suggests to me that the person has tampered with the game.

The cheats are there for a person who doesn't necessarily want to play the story mode and instead wants to be able to play the arcade mode during perhaps a lunch break with all the characters (since once they're unlocked with the cheat, they stay unlocked even on a different computer).

I'm sorry you don't like the game but I feel a 0 is a little harsh, you did after all say that the game had some merits, i.e the enemies and backgrounds so I don't feel a 0 is fair, but like you say thats your opinion.

As for the enemy spawning system, The original system in the pervious games allowed the spiders to spawn directly on top of the player, in this version i reworked that so they couldn't spawn directly on top of the player. They can still however spawn reasonably close to the player. Im sure you didn't complain when a powerup spawned right next to you, thats just how luck works out.

Thank you for trying my game, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it


This . . .

. . . Was one, of the most, HORRIBLE GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED, FROM MOCHIGAMES, NO LESS! It runs rampant with glitches, the strategic aspects are terrible, the purchasable content is a joke, and on top of all of that; I couldn't even manage to finish this game. Not because of the difficulty level, but because of how pissed off I got at how many improvements I was seeing could be made to this, this . . . I can't even call this a game. It's more like mental torture. If I had to be more specific, I would point out one of the oddest glitches I have ever seen; I was playing the level RIGHT before the final boss in chapter 4.

As far as the strategic aspects go I have a few very important complaints/improvement suggestions; The grey/silver spiders are the only spiders that seem to move without any rhyme or reason, while all others go in a defined pattern (If you count following as a "defined pattern"). Also the explosive flies will sometimes appear in spots in the boss levels that make it impossible to reach, applicable mostly to the last boss since he follows you (he needs a delay so you can reach the bomb flies). There is also the fact that you should not allow spiders to appear RIGHT in front of you, because you can't react quick enough to avoid them. Finally, the flies that you gather should be in some defined order as well, so that while in any situation the game can have more flow to it, instead of just running to either side of the map half the time.

Then, for some reason, after I finished the level the first time, it displayed the screen for completing chapter 1. After clicking continue, I knew something was very wrong because it put me back in the same level, but my task was to collect - 1 SPIDERS. After collecting one spider is displayed the screen for completing chapter 2! It then proceeded to do this for chapters 3 and 4. After 4, however, it just showed the game over screen EVERY TIME AFTER THAT, even though I clearly had two lives left, and would not continue to the next level.

What else can I say? I think the sheer size of my review conveys my anger towards this game. I hope this is your first game, because if it's not (and you made more than three), then I suggest you stop . . . NOW. On a final note; A WARNING TO ALL MOCHIGAMES MEMBERS:

Do not use your Mochicoins on ANYTHING in this game. Virtually everything it displays is unlockable, and in a flash game, you don't want to spend hard-earned Mochicoins on something you won't be using for that long IF AT ALL. Thank you for reading this, and TRY to have a good day.

Nutter666 responds:

#1 - The game doesn't even have an objective or even any code that would allow you to collect spiders as an objective.

#2 - The final boss is the only situation where bonus flies that appear near the top of the screen can't be reached, thats part of the challenge.

#3 - The spiders are already coded in such a way they spawn within a certain radius of the player they're moved to a different place.

#4 - If you don't like the Mochi Coins cheats then don't buy them, no one if forcing you.

I understand that the game may not be to everybody's taste but you're complaining about issues which don't even exist.

And finally, im not writing this reply in anger, I just felt that the length of your review deserved a proper response. This is not my first game (obviously), or even my third game.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2010
1:00 PM EST