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Nov 16, 2010 | 10:45 AM EST

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Author Comments

Simple space shooter game made with The Games Factory 2 Newground edition.

The source code for the game can be downloaded at
Feel free to improve this game!

Update -- Now with space key to shoot



Rated 4 / 5 stars

simple but good

this was good but there are some enemies that can't be reached by the bullets
if you add some upgrades to the game or if you make more levels would be nice
still is a good game, keep it up


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Games Factory can do better than this, guys.

I used to use Games Factory, back in the day. This was long before I got Flash, and indeed, long before Flash could be used to make decent browser games.

Among other projects, I created a game called Heart Attack, which won a contest on their website. I was deeply involved with the community for a while, and I saw a lot of games come and go, good and bad.

The reason I'm telling you all this is to put this submission and my review of it into context. It's obvious from the author notes that ClickTeam put this game on Newgrounds to advertise their games creation software, so I feel it's only fair to review the game according to how well it make the pitch.

Quite frankly, I remember Games Factory as having the potential to be better than this. They had scrolling backgrounds, for example, even back as far as the ol' Click & Create engine, if you knew how to kludge it. There were additive blending effects. There were rotations. There were not alpha blending until a later version of the tool was released, I think that was MMF, but that's beside the point.

The point is that this looks like the same old top-down shooter that was bundled with the my original Games Factory disk back in 1992. You got 3D spaceships pre-rendered into tiny sprites. No alpha channels, so individual pixels don't blend into the background. No scrolling. No glow effects. Echoey explosion sound effects and cheesy techno loops that sound like the filesize limitations of wav were the deciding factor in how long they could be... just a lot of really old ideas and old implementations, even though the content itself, from what I can tell, appears to be fresh.

Adding insult to injury are the stock Flash buttons with antialiasing intact. I have no idea if this represents the capabilities of the new Games Factory 2, or if it's just some sort of interface layer encapsulating the GF2 plugin, or if the entire thing runs on some sort of emulator in Flash. All I know is, Flash can do better than this. Love2D can do better than this. Perhaps Games Factory 2 can do better than this. But if it can, they didn't show off all its strong suits with this demo.

(If it can't, then they should be showcasing this technology with one of those extremely retro games that use pixel art!)

Maybe I'll take a look at the source later, since they offered. :P But as of this build, I can't say I'm too impressed. Either with this game or with the product that made it possible.

And that really hurts to say, because I had a lot of fun playing around with good ol' Games Factory back in my youth. ;_;

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FlyinV responds:

Heart Attack was a great game.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Review for Spacer by FlyinV

I liked this game in and of itself. One thing that gave me problems was the controls, not that they were complicated, or not made clear, but the shift key for firing gave me some issues. Every five times that I pressed the 'Shift' key to fire, a window appeared in front of my browser, telling me that I had, in deed, pressed the 'Shift' key five times, and that, if I so wished, I could turn on StickyKeys, to filter my key presses. I thought that this game would be greatly improved by using a different key (Spacebar, perhaps) to fire. Also, an upgrade system would be a nice improvement, though i might not have gotten far enough to encounter an up grade system you had.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good game

But might wanna change the fire key from shift to spacebar (button bash shift to see why)

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FlyinV responds:



Rated 2 / 5 stars

i say bad...

the game is good... a classical...

but the fire button is a really bad choice... everytime i use 5 times the button i have the remanent message... so bad cotation... sorry

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