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Museum of Science Fiction

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Full Description:
After visiting the Museum of Science Fiction you find yourself 50 floors underground in a secret lab. Every disaster imaginable unfolds as the lab becomes a battle zone. You must fight your way through bloodthirsty lab zombies, anti-technology robots, and the mysterious five sisters as you try to reach the top floor. Can you make it out alive?

Authors Notes:
The game has a lot of time and effort behind it. Expect an intricate, ominous, and somewhat ridiculous plot that will keep you jumping and snickering all at once. I really hope you guys like the game. I consider it my best project so far.


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I remember this game as one of the most mysterious, hardest and well made shooter game. Still is.

Ahh the games I played back when they first came out on new grounds. Oh the fond memories of beating this fun game, and then Flipping off the bird shadow things.

This Game just oozing with love put into it, and for a flash game is pretty damn good.

KeithKong responds:

This just made my day. I poured a ton of love into this game and to this day it's my favorite creation. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it (:

The plot and story is nice. Gameplay are original and the atmosphere is chilling to the bone!

I like how this shooter one can really shoot everywhere with easy aim, unless the fact that the camera angle often change unexpectedly when you use certain guns.

The weapon are fine. Though I expect more weapon or upgrade, but it was fine since it make the game more dreadful and survival.

The enemies are fine, even with low variety. The background behind them are so good, that it give no plot holes at all. The sisters are the most interesting, despite their lack of background and with all their mystery, I pretty much can conclude that they are some kind of witch or maybe have superpower.

The high difficulty are fine. But on hardened difficulty, some place are just impossible with lots of enemy swarming everywhere. However, the fact that you are "immortal" makes surviving through the end as a piece of cake.

What I mean by immortal is the fact that you could just keep continue even after 3 times taken down, unless you choose to restart. I seriously have no interest in score because... it do nothing!

Set aside all the good thing of the game, atmosphere, gameplay, music, and the story... there is one thing that make this nice game lost one point....THE ENDING! its so much DISAPPOINTING! Not only total a anti climax, its also bring down all the excitement and hype with just a lame final level....

However, there is indeed something on the final level. The final note, are probably something that responsible of hundreds of people play over again and wreak havoc on the first level. It tell us about a secret resource, probably a weapon of mass destruction, hidden underneath the first level, B51!!

The floor isn't on the map, because B50 suppose to be a total cave with no exit but the elevator, and the note tell us that B51 can't be accessed using an elevator. All this mystery drive me to tear apart B50. I literally digging the walls with a gun, literally.

I try everything, I make lots of long tunnels with both guns, and probably waste more than 10.000 bullets in the progress. While I found nothing, I still see something suspicious. I will give the complete research info of what I done in case there is other obsessed people like me, which desperately search that secret floor.

Shotgun can dig in clean and wide, creating a good tunnel in no time, but the long reload and low ammo instead make it ineffective for long digging. It though can dig fast if you focus on one way in certain distance. The Machine gun have long constant fire to dig a long tunnel, yet very small. You could control it to make a bigger one, and it was effective. It doesn't really make a clean tunnel, so you sometime have hard time pass through it if you make it too rough.

Anyway, regardless of my dying curiosity of B51, the game is good. You could use a better ending with more climax, and maybe some few upgrades too.

Dude, this is one of the best games ever. No LIE

I can't find it!

On the top floor, the last file says something about B51! I've been tearing apart B50 looking for it, but I can't find it!
Does it actually exist?

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
8:19 PM EST