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Prof Oaks Research

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Author Comments

This is my first shot at trying hand-drawn animation. I wanted to try a short video to test out something I saw before. It's basically the "illusion" of movement with very little real animated movement. I think it came out alright.

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy the video. Whether you're a fan of Pokemon or not, you might get a small laugh out of it. Enjoy!

[Edit] Daily First and Front Page? You are too kind Newgrounds audience. Thanks for all the positive feedback :D Also, for anyone wondering why Oak didn't record what was happening, that's the point. They haven't tried recording it in the anime, so I'm poking fun at that fact here.


Terribly predictable, awful art and animation.

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remixV4 responds:

Thank you! I still had fun making it ^-^

Oh god why...

Did you get all your humour from the worst cartoon you could find? It sent chills down my spine at how bad this was. It was all so... forced, so unnatural and cliche. And on top of that the animation looked like shoddy anime, the lowest of the low, and you even managed to sneak in an incredibly overused meme that is far from being funny anymore.

I would understand all of this if you were ten years old, but you're obviously not. I could keep going with that and ask why you know so much about the Pokemon anime but I think I've already been harsh enough.

Don't take this as me being an asshole, just take it into consideration next time. I don't have a bias against you and if your next animation really is good, or at least better, I'll have no problem giving it a good score, but for now there's a lot of things you still need to work on and while I understand this is one of your first submissions I don't think that gives it an excuse for a good score like everyone else has been doing.

I think the phrase "Everyone has to start somewhere." fits perfectly here. I'll be waiting for your next piece...

jesus christ

Either hire someone to assassinate that voice actor or don't ever fucking use him again. He can't voice act worth a damn and his mic is absolutely horrible. As for the rest of the flash I feel like most of it horribly rips off that horrible VGCats comic where they're trying to breed chocobos (not the punchline, but the execution). The drawing's were boring, and the humor... I'M ANNOYING AIN'T I FUNNY? Spongebob is usually funny cos he's annoying someone but he's not in your fucking face about it. Seriously, try to at least improve the sound for next time. 1 step at a time.

remixV4 responds:

What was wrong with the actor? I thought the emotion behind each line was well suited for what needed to be said O.o

As for sound, I guess I could hear a slight hiss with "S" sounds, but nothing else seemed noticeably bad without blaring your speakers (which screws up most sounds anyway).

I agree on the Vgcats thing. I noticed the similarity partway through myself. You really thought the drawings were "boring"? I've noticed your animations, so I guess anything looks like garbage in comparison to someone who can actually draw well lol.

And yes, Ash was meant to be overbearingly annoying.

Constructive critisism is great, but at least try to sound helpful. I almost missed your valid points because you started off like a typical troll.


bad drawing...sigh.....ash looks like a geek...

Why why why...

This was unbearable to watch. I'll give you a 1 for effort.

There are two things that do not blend together at all. Anime and Poor Drawings. Anime is fine; I like it. Poor Drawings are poor drawings. But if you draw poorly and you try the anime style then it usually comes out looking terrible. Practice on your drawing skills if you really want to try anime. Please.

Onto why the anime does NOT work. For instance, the Metapod scene. He gets all angry about being named penis (very very old 'joke') and his eye turns red. An anime characteristic of course, but you're not an anime artist. It just pisses me off when people do the whole "eye's going red out of anger" anime thing because it NEVER WORKS. Unless you're an anime artist, you can't do it right. The voice 'actor' wasn't funny in the least. In order for us to believe he's angry you need the actor to convey emotion. Otherwise the anger is completely lost in terrible voice acting.

And please drop the memes next time. At least keep up with the new memes if you're persistent on using them. All in all, work harder. And don't feed me the bullshit "If you can't do any better then don't critique.". My animations aren't that great either. But food critics don't critique knowing they can do better. I'm sure you can tell if food is terrible or not on your own without having a degree in the culinary arts.

Just work on it, ok?

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Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
4:36 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged November 16, 2010
  • Daily Feature November 16, 2010
  • Weekly 5th Place November 17, 2010

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