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Mental Flarpp Jews:2

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Author Comments

After watching television for so long Dogwig finds that the journey to the moon is one less traveled.

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I stumbled on this cartoon because I was looking at Catoblepas' audio. It turns out he's only got one song of his own, and you used it in here. The other songs you used were pretty cool, too. It seemed like you were featuring the audio, sine I could wait to click on the animation and just listen to the song.
But I enjoyed the cartoon as well. It looks like Catoblepas has influenced you in a few ways.

RENstyles responds:

Well i am me and myself but as far as the fbf with the rocket rotation, he has motivated me to pursue fbf over motion tweens.

I don't knwo what to rate it

I clicked it just to see how racist you were for using jews in your title. not much apparently
The animation is ok, but idk, i didn't see the point of having to click stuff in the middle of a video. supposed to be symbolic or something idk. I would have to watch this like 3 or 4 more times to disseminate the symbolism behind it all and frankly it bored me too much to care.
Oh and your goddamn preloader is going to kill someone, jerk.
completely average score for an average flash

RENstyles responds:

you bitch

nice worksss!

That was extremely weird an odd and interesting. The clip with the pig really intrigued me and made me feel strangely. The animation was pretty good, your lines could still be more consistent. Do you use a tablet? Definitely been improving. Yea I liked it.

RENstyles responds:

thanks man, I now have a tablet and this was made with flash mx and orig no tablet. Some parts are with it though. At the end of this i got cs5.. lost mx, etc

the pig part was kinda different i had just taken the lemons i had and did such.


I dont know what the other guys were smoking. But that was deep man. Sent me through a trip. The whole time it just gave you a creepy feeling. Even tho there was a dog and everything was colorful. Just to find out the dog fried his brain or something in the end cuz he was watching to much t.v. That had to be the best flash ive seen that actually made me think after i got done watching it. You sir do not deserve those 0's or 1's.

RENstyles responds:

Thanks alot, im glad you liked it

i actually had to cut out a bit to reduce size :( mainly sound.

yeah they probably expected another mickey the dick cartoon.

An entertaining trip.

It was very colorful, interesting and decently animated not to mention a tad on the creepy side which I enjoy. I have no idea why your first 3 reviews were so low unless I'm missing something. I just thought I'd leave you a decent one since the others seem to be unjustifiably bad. For what this flash is it's quite good.

RENstyles responds:

Thank you ty, i have noo idea whats up with those it is like im struck with some ill luck, or someone hates me .

i must be missing something as well...

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
3:05 PM EST