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Play the tutorial to learn how to play! A full upgrade tree/unit list is available ingame!

Your village is under attack! Build upgrades and train soldiers to defend yourself, and learn spells to assist them. Earn money by defeating enemies and use it at the end of each round to improve your village.

After 25 waves, survive for as long as you can against a continual onslaught, and compete for the top score.


pretty fun game

i played up until lev 16 - i think what this game needs is some kinda twist, u know a boss or something...

prety nice

quait nice game indeed. only the problem as stated in other posts below most of the time i had not enough time to spawn good units to defend when they were overkilling all light ones. and to add to it after i reached lvl 14 all the gold i get is kind of useless because i have nothing more to buy, upgrade or anything. so if improving these spots this is a nice little game.

Kalinium responds:

Thanks. Again - what difficulty are you playing? According to the scoreboard, only one person has got to level 25 on normal so far, and nobody has finished the game on hardcore! If you're maxing out your gold, perhaps you should try a harder difficulty.

Thanks for your feedback!

Watch your step, that last one is a doozy...

The game was great. I had tons of fun, and played well into level 25 before being smashed to bits. The difficulty ramped up evenly, as long as you know what to downgrade and upgrade when. I liked the fact that I had a limited number of slots to work with. I wish there were more slots, however, and that the "Zap" spell could have a "Chain-Lightning" upgrade. I think that'd balance those OP'd healers a little better. Also, a 7 second wait time for a group healer is kinda lame, by the time they spawn there's so many enemies around you he's worthless. Maybe 5 sec, or something? I understand the need to have some strategy, but a little shave off the training time would help loads. Maybe have an option to start with a healer or two? I loved the upgrades and production tree, and if you plan on doing a sequel, a massive tree of upgrades would be rad. All in all, 8/10 4/5 .

Kalinium responds:

Thanks very much for the review! I do have plans for a much more in-depth sequel - part of the purpose of this version is to test out how people like the combat system. Thanks for your suggestions!

Really good concept.

With a few changes I think this could be awsome. By round ten I had everything I wanted and didn't need any more upgrades, so possibly some more expensive powerful options would be a good idea.
At the survival round all I did was spam confusion spells, combined with cheap swordsmen until I could buy a Commander. I might have lasted longer if there were more slots for your own choice of soldiers or spells, instead of Zap, which became pretty pointless when the enemy sent in those Battle Healer guys.
The Battle Healer guys themselves were pretty annoying too, as the constantly went around healing each other, and everything in like a 4 mile radius, and Zap couldn't take them out in one hit so they just healed again.
And finally, I'm not really sure why it kept happening but occasionally my units would burst into flames and run away into the trees. There was no warning it was going to happen and I couldn't manouver my guys away from whatever was causing it. I lost a good few Commanders that was.
Overall though, I really enjoyed it, and I played it all the way through to the end.

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Kalinium responds:

Thanks for your review! What difficulty were you playing on? If you were playing on easy, you get a lot of extra gold compared to the harder modes, which might have meant you had all the upgrades very quickly. Did you try using zap and fireball against the healers? The fireball sets enemies on fire if they have low enough health, so if you zap them first and then use fireball, you're more likely to set them on fire.

One of the units, the battle cleric, has a spell which causes units nearby to him to catch fire if they're weak enough. That could have been causing the problem.

pretty good, but needs some tweaks

I like the upgrading and game play and played through the whole thing and thought it was pretty good, but just needs a few changes.

Some things that annoyed me are that near the end of the game the zap and the early warning and archers are really just a waste and do nothing to help. I'd much rather be able to get rid of those three spots and replace them with units/spells of my choosing.

I also think that maybe there should be some more upgrades for the survival wave that maybe cost 100+ to upgrade but are stronger. The other problem is that either the units need to spawn faster, get a free spawn of each unit at the beginning of the round, or have the survival round start off a bit slower; because really the fully upgraded commanders are the only thing that can last long in the survival round, but if I want to make a couple of them at once then I'm hardly strong enough to hold off the enemies for the 7 seconds it takes to spawn my strong units; and by that time they get outnumbered 15 to 1 and die shortly after.

All in all a great game though

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Kalinium responds:

Thanks for your review! I might look into slowing the final wave down at first to let players spawn the better units.

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3.39 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
7:33 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)