Brain Waves by the Robs

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Perception 5 Points

90% or more in perception

Reactions 5 Points

87% or more in reactions

Coordination 10 Points

85% or above in coordination

Memory 10 Points

90% or more in memory

Speed 10 Points

92% or more in speed

Accuracy 25 Points

85% or above in accuracy test

Multitask 50 Points

90% or more in multitasking

The Mega Brain 50 Points

Average of 90% or more across all 7 games

Author Comments

Take on the 7 skill/ brain tests to get an overall score, tests are based on speed, reactions, perception, coordination, memory and accuracy.

Based on the resullts so far anything over 70% is good, 80% is great and 90% is totally awesome.

Note: To get the Mega Brain medal you must get a 90% or higher average score in the normal mode of the game. A 90% average or higher playing 'single events' will not get you the medal. This makes it more of a challenge! You have to get 90% or more in one go.



Nice one, slick presentation, and entertaining. The percentages idea is great, in my opinion. Much better than the usual "mental age", which I find to be pretty boring and useless.

Maybe you can state somewhere in the game what you wrote up here about the percentages being good, great and awesome?

PS: I've just seen the art is by robotJam, I knew that style was familiar to me!

81% :D

Totally messed up on the accuracy but ah well!

Slick test tho, really cool idea :D

I think i did pretty well

overall 85%, i just suck at typing the keyboard, and 2 of my fingers are kinda numb right now. Its a great game, might play it every morning to wake up my brain.

meh good game


last assignement was the easyest by far
first one was the hardest...


Got a 78 on my first go..darn. Guess I'm just average after all..
Perception made my brain hurt, and I really messed up in accuracy, but reaction wasn't so bad..

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
4:43 AM EST
Puzzles - Other