Brain Waves by the Robs

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Perception 5 Points

90% or more in perception

Reactions 5 Points

87% or more in reactions

Coordination 10 Points

85% or above in coordination

Memory 10 Points

90% or more in memory

Speed 10 Points

92% or more in speed

Accuracy 25 Points

85% or above in accuracy test

Multitask 50 Points

90% or more in multitasking

The Mega Brain 50 Points

Average of 90% or more across all 7 games

Author Comments

Take on the 7 skill/ brain tests to get an overall score, tests are based on speed, reactions, perception, coordination, memory and accuracy.

Based on the resullts so far anything over 70% is good, 80% is great and 90% is totally awesome.

Note: To get the Mega Brain medal you must get a 90% or higher average score in the normal mode of the game. A 90% average or higher playing 'single events' will not get you the medal. This makes it more of a challenge! You have to get 90% or more in one go.



Great, great game. However, I had a problem. The ad kept flashing allover the place during the game (especcially the lights part) so it was harder than it should be to play. Other than that, it's fine.

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i liked it

i really liked it, it was hard and fun. :)

mee likee

challenging game but fun :) really shows the capacity of one's intelligence!

Challenging but Doable

Really enjoyable brain teasers. It's a pretty simple and straightforward concept, and your challenges are good measures of what it is they rate you on. Took me a couple run-throughs, but I ended up getting all the medals There's definitely some satisfaction to be had from beating your high score, but it didn't take too long to get 100 on all the challenges but Accuracy and Coordination, so while there's some replay value the tests become pretty easy to figure out, especially since the Coordination pattern doesn't change (flips y, flips x, flips both). Regardless though, I still couldn't get 100 on either. It's fun and somewhat addicting, but short-lived. Great game nonetheless.

For anyone having trouble with Coordination (easily the hardest one in my opinion), instead of staying near the center of the circle, keep your mouse at whatever point in the circle is closest to the center of the square. It doesn't go very far from there, so you do the least movement that way.

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Brain Waves are cool

Great game to work on my brain-skills ^^
For the perception-game, close your left eye and hold your hand on it. For me it was much easyer, I only missed 1 light :D

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4.23 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2010
4:43 AM EST
Puzzles - Other