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A Time for Survival

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Survive for the allotted time using your mouse and shrinking ability. If you fail buy some upgrades and try again.

Thanks for playing!

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With the Size reducer, once you have been hit once you go back to full size.

Clever but...

I noticed that while the white squares had rounded edges, it seems that their hit detection field does not, so often times I would think I was going to slip by only to lose a life. Other than that, it's a fun simple game


It's a really good game, but you can cheat. The locked levels aren't really "locked"...


A simple game, with some great twists. I also liked the random facts. There are two major problems though.

It would be nice if you put the meter behind the squares so I could see what I was avoiding.

Also, I dont know if its a glitch, but its very annoying that whenever you get hit for the first time, you get enlarged back to the regular size. This was okay when I didn't invest in shrinking, but on the level where you start tiny and the blocks are huge, it wrecks the game.

It's really nice only...

When you buy shrink, and then shrink ingame, you grow back to regular size, I don't know if that was intended or it's a bug, but I'm putting it out here :)

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3.10 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2010
1:19 PM EST