Fuzzy Things

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Author Comments

This is a platformer game where you switch controls between five characters with different abilities to solve a stage inspired by Lost Vikings.

This is my first published flash game and its Nintendo-Hard, I was told on FGL but there are Video Demo Help links in-game to assist you.

A to Jump
S for special ability
D to read through text or interact with objects
Q/E or 12345 change between characters
Arrow Keys to move
Right Click for other Instructions and game Options

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This is so difficult, I can't even tell if it's buggy and some levels are incomplete / untested. I likely won't even be attempting to finish something past level 4, sorry. But I like the art and quality, and wish there were more furry games like this out there. Although it's difficult due to levels seeming impossible to pass, I'll still give this 4 stars because I like the idea!


awesomeeee!!!! ya but needs check points

i like fuzzys :3

i like fuzzys :3

It was okay.

I liked the concept, and what little story I was able to see looked pretty good.

But you still fail.

I don't care how nostalgic people seem to think Nintendo-hard is, one-hit PK is BAD. You lost a great deal of my respect with that. Fix it, and you might be able to earn it back. I'll be putting up a video review detailing my full thoughts soon. Other than this MAJOR screw-up, it was a great game, with interesting abilities and despite dying every other second, I had a good time.

- Hawk Johenson

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2010
8:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle