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The Awesome Game

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The Awesome Game, in all it's finished glory, it has had a lot of improvements since I uploaded the previous version, despite it being only yesterday or so.

This was a co-work between me and two friends, it was done in less than a week and is the frist game we've made, so don't judge us too hard!

I want to say to you who played the earlier version: Sorry for uploading that version, I should've waited until this version was done (which is a lot better imo) and I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Also, about the audio, my friend got it, I don't know from where, think it's from a Pokémon game, but not sure.


EDIT: New version up, now you can't cheat! enjoy!

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In the second level there is a spot where you die weather you are touching a wall or not.On another machine I somehow beat it though.I also right-clicked and my mum didn't mind at all.


Not to offend but this wasnt a good game by far....the music got annoying from the start, the game was way to simple, their was a flaw so you could win without haveing to really do anything....and it need alot of work.
Overall it was a 1/10 if not 0/10....Sorry to say.
I hope to see better and Good Luck in the future.

test it first

it seems like you didnt test this game yourself,
otherwise you would have recognized that you can win be simply clicking the goal.
ok, im a fair player, so i tried the normal way to beat it, so...
the collisions with walls are not calculated right, which lets you loose even if the apples shape didnt touch them. that can be proven very well when youre near to the red growing smiley
even if its graphics and sound are not the worst ive ever seen, the bad gameplay kills it..

Carcity responds:

As I said, it was our first ever game, and we didn't get too long to work with it. I tried looking for anwsers on the net and asking my teach about it, but apparantly my google skills are too bad to solve this problem, which is created when flash creates the movie clip, everything that is round gets an invisible square wall going around it, and it doesn't care that some places within the wlalls don't have anything in them, so I couldn't fix them, about the rest, didn't have time to fix them, thanks for trying the game though!


Clicking on the goal, after starting the level, will take you directly to it.

not very original is it?

this game is interesting.... kinda, but the concept isnt the most original i've seen, maybe if you did a more plot- oriented game...

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2010
10:15 AM EST