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It's finally done!
1 1/2 months and ready for showcasing!

This was an assignment for my animation course, basically I was gonna have an episode with a lot of talking, but that's not what my teacher wanted.
We had to create a simple story along the lines of "mouse in the house, man wants to kill mouse, mouse outsmarts man' ala Looney Tunes.

Some of the lines look rough, but they'll get smoother in future episodes.


Crooktooth, (also known as CT) is a little potato, he lives with his best freinds, Bubbles the Big Red Bar of Soap, and Moby the Not-So-Great White Shark.
Bristles is the town oral hygiene inspector and he's going about his duties, cleaning peoples' teeth and he comes upon CT's house and is disgusted at CT's lack of hygiene and goes on a mission to clean him.

Will he succeed?
Watch and find out!

Special thanks to Jacco, Gustavos, Budge007 and XMSMidget34 for beta testing!

Special Thanks to AudioVision for Original Music too!

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I liked it.

It was funny and short, but not too short. The animation needs some touching up, and some of the sounds were kind of loud, but other than that I loved it.

Joeylicious responds:

Thank yew C:


I gave an average rating because without your comment, I wouldn't have known what was going on. Infact I watched it once, read your comment in confusion, and then watched it again - still without seeing the plot unfold.

The drawing and animation was okay, adequate for the flash but can be improved like you said.

I thought the sound and effects were the strong point of your flash and you did these really well.

If you're going to create more, then I'd say iron and polish your drawing and animation and make sure that whats happening can be understood without the person having to read your comment.

Joeylicious responds:

As you could see in the description, this flash was gonna have some heavy dialogue and talking.
However, since that's not what my teacher wanted, I had to create something simple.
Like a Looney Tunes short.

The later episodes will involve a lot more verbal dialogue so that my audience doesn't have to guess what's going on.

Thanks for your compliments though.


I loved it!
But there were a few things, like Masa said, that could of been improvged to make it an all-round 'better flash; first, some sound effects, i thought, didnt have to be used, i know its kinda that feel, but still, some could have been, A. quieter or B. Non-existent.

The character design was okay, and i liked it, but some of the scenes it didnt look entirely right. STILL, all round, i liked it.

SO A POINT OFF for those things, but was an all round good flash.

Joeylicious responds:

Alright, I'll keep these things in mind.
Thanks Jasper.


That was actually rather nice.

I think the time you spent on this animation really shows in the animation and how smooth some of the parts were.

The overall feel to the movie was very nice and I think the Looney Tunes atmosphere worked out okay with everything.

Now, I just have a few issues with some of the components that were in this flash.

I think the flow of the movie was sort of off in the sense that, because of the lack of dialogue, the constant jumping from one situation to the other seemed to throw off my concentration as to what was going on in the flash, if you know what I mean by that. But because your teacher didn't want it to be dialogue happy, you may not have been able to control that.

Like you said, some of the lines were rough, which isn't too recognizable, so not a big deal. There was probably just a bit of inconsistency of some parts with rigid lines, and then some other parts were really smooth. That's kind of what threw the overall aesthetics of the animation portion of it off a little.

The voices you should probably just get a VA to do them, since I think the adjusted pitches weren't really that great, and also there may have been too many sound effects for me, but that was probably because you were trying to compensate with the lack of dialogue, so again, probably out of your control.

Overall I found this movie to be rather enjoyable, and your animations were well done.

I remember when I first saw you mention you were going to release this, I got a little excited to see how the end result was going to be like. And after seeing your hard work, I do have to say you have certainly met my expectations.

I will be awaiting for Ep.2 to be out soon, so get to it as quick as you can sir.


Joeylicious responds:

Thanks Masa,
EP2 will definitely be more entertaining than this :)


that was funny with some not expected laughs :P :P

Joeylicious responds:

Glad you liked it.