Dress Up Raven

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A basic dress up game where you click the arrows back and forth to dress the character up. I came up with this game while exploring ways to create my side scrolling game. While i am sure you are scratching your head as to what the two genres have in common, i can just say this...you learn things in the weirdest places.

I made it for my wife original, but i gotta admit its kind of fun dressing up ol raven:). Alot of the clothes are silly and kind of goth/emo themed. Shes basically going on vacation.

Anyway, this is my second flash submission so please have mercy. Its kind of a un-extreme style of game but i actually had some fun making it, and playing it...just don't get caught by your mates or youll get made fun of "playing a girlie game". But if you aren't so stuck up on that kind of labeling id say give it a go ;)

How to play:
1.On the right side of the screen there are categories of clothing, under each one is two arrows. By default raven wears a purple bikini. Hitting the left button goes back (stops at the default setting) and the right button goes forward until the last option. Click the left arrow to cycle backwards when you hit the end of that categories clothing line.

2. Backgrounds.
Click the left and right arrows to cycle through the backgrounds. Right goes forward, left goes back. You can turn the select screen on and off below that.

3. If you want to take a screen shot of your masterpiece all goth themed, & dressed up, then you just might wanna click that prnt screen button on your cpu ;D. I don't have much in the way of assisting you saving the screen in game. But you can figure out there is a button to hide the select screen. Just click hide to hide the select,category screen, and show to bring it back up....pretty self explanatory.

4. Have fun, and try not to get caught by your beer fueled, FPS lovin room mate or he'll take a pick of you with a teddy bear and post it on you tube :)
JK, have fun guys.

FYi: She can only be in a bikini... the first thing my wife asked is if she can be naked. LOL im so proud of her but NO! So the default outfit is a bikini, shes never in underwear or anything like that so ya just wanted to put that out there for my protection...but i heard if you type the words "justinbailey" you can get her to do a little tease dance...i think !

NOTE: Doesn't fit in your screen?
I made it slightly smaller...still don't fit ? Use the pop-up window and set it to full screen.

game by martenas godfrey



you made raven look fat :(

powermanX responds:

Thx for the 10 though bro :)

And to us grown folks, thems womenz hips. There for babies n stuff.

I mean i guess some guys like poppin off for women with the bodies of 12 year old boys, and babie doll heads (like the cartoon)...and thats there pedo business :)
Just not for me.


i think you shuld mack a hentai of this

powermanX responds:

does newgrounds allow that kind of stuff ?
I mean...i see in there rules that its not allowed, but i practically see it everywhere lol. Am i missing something here ? I guess i could do one if it was ok.

If someone starts taking into consideration how long it took me to do the clothes on this, and see it for what its worth and then maybe its potential....maybe ya.


where can i type in to see her dance :P xD...

powermanX responds:

LOL, wait...your serious aren't you ?!? ;) hehehe

Well, I won't Blam it.

Not worth a Blam, I mean it's functional and some people will probably want one of these featuring Raven, so... 2/5 I guess.

Can't really give you a good score though, I mean there's not much TO a dress-up game, and you don't have any of it. Really to make one of these worth-while, you'd need an animated and possible voiced character, at least a few dozen of each piece of clothing, the ability to individually customize colors, and a much better interface (for a start, your menus should cycle, and second of all they should be the sort of menu where you can see all the items at once rather than just looking through them one at a time).

I realize this is all probably because you didn't particularly feel like putting weeks of effort into some simple thing you were knocking together for your wife, I'm pretty much just musing out loud about what a dress-up game would need to warrant a good score in my book.

powermanX responds:

Thanks for the crit. All things taken into account, Yes i did actually sit on this for a while so it wasn't just a quickie but it wasn't on purpose either.

I did say this was my second submission to newgrounds, and was hoping for some mercy...so i gotta ask...is this you going easy ? LOL, Oh well i tried and hope someone derives some enjoyment from my efforts.. ;)

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Nov 11, 2010
2:51 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up