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Monday Morning TV

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Get to the end of each level with minimal time and deaths, and compete for high scores!

W - Jump
A, D - Move
Q - Quit level

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Good game

A very simple game, but with well thought out levels and a pretty good gameplay. The controls are nice and simple and work surprisingly well. I didn't play this game for too long, but I did encounter any bugs with the controls. They are also very responsive, which is always a good thing.

The music is quite nice, but gets annoying after a while. Good thing you added a mute button, that is easily accessible from the menu.

Only thing I didn't like was the filter you added to the game screen. It gets really annoyiong after some time because it flickers the whole time.

{ Review Request Club }


I really like this. The music is great, and very fitting for this sort of game. The graphics are absolutely fantastic, although honestly, for this sort of game I think they should be a bit more, colorful. The level design was challenging at times, if you tried to beat it without dying.

Although the level design was good, at times it was to challenging, then suddenly to easy. I beat level 16, the last level, easily, but struggled to beat some of the earlier levels without dying. I really think level 16 should have been much harder.

I found a fairly major bug, if you right click on the level selection screen, you can press "Play" and then play levels you haven't progressed to yet. Maybe it was somewhat intentional, as I think it would be cool to not have to play the levels in the order they're in, but it doesn't count the levels as beaten once you do this, so I assume it isn't.

"Try again... DAMN IT! Again..."

There are a lot of similarities to Meat Boy in this game, and that's a huge compliment. The platforming is intense. At some points, the challenge made me just stop, open up a new tab, browse some news, and come back. I couldn't just sit through and take it.

You hit an artful balance between diabolical difficulty and smoothness in gaming. The near-instant respawning method is brilliant. I can't tell you how much "Game Over" screens bother me. The only thing annoying about this game is how often I died, and that's intentional on the creators' part. Excellent job in that aspect.

I did take issue with some of the visual details. The fonts present after a level ends that detail score and stuff were too vanilla. It screamed "Arial" to me, and it just doesn't meet the level of professionalism that the rest of the game glowed with. Consider a more pixelated font.

Also, I know you were probably working with file size constraints, but another musical track wouldn't have killed you. What is playing works very well with the mood, however. Fortifying the game with just one more track really would have created an engrossing experience.

Other than that, the game was a blast. I'm going to try to see if I can make any more progress now.

Review Request Club

Achievement Get: Make an awesome flash

This flash was very well done. Put together nicely with Programming and the Art. I really liked this flash and played it for about an hour before I started reviewing.

Everything. The art, game play, all of it. I like how the character was futuristic looking and the background and playing field was plain looking. It looked Sepia. I liked at the level select in the background with the TV snow. That really went with the theme. Not only do you have to beat the level if you want you can try to get under the par and finish it without dieing, I really loved that. It was an extra challenge to give more endurance to the game. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to keep playing. I made it all the way to level 10 with getting under the par and without dieing.

Although I like this game difficulty grew fast. Each level after 5 would get twice as hard as the last level. Very challenging game. Thats the only downfall.

Just make it a little easier or set a difficulty mode. That would be awesome to have. But some games are still very great even though they are hard.

-Review Request Club-

Nice ;)

And my name goes right onto the list of all time highest scores ;)

I ended up beating every level and every single challenge. I must say though - level 9 is INSANE. I died 95 times trying to beat it initially. I just couldn't get the timing down for some reason, but after that shit I was determined to make a mark on this game, lol.

The game is pretty tasteful overall. The music is pleasant to listen to, and the levels are creative as well as the character in general. The drawings and animations look good in the game, and the mute option and high score tables work fine.

As far as things to improve on - the game is obviously lacking some medals. Not only for motivation, but as a nice achievement in your profile to say, "hey, I sucked it up and beat every single challenge in this game!" That would have certainly been nice.

The jumping at times seemed a bit awkward as well...sometimes it seemed like I was going for a jump, and somehow it just wouldn't quite let me and I'd just fall to my death :( So I think if you added the ability to jump anytime, and not only on platforms, that would make the game slightly more enjoyable.

The only other thing I could think of was the points in the game where you just had to kinda 'guess' where to fall so you don't die on the spikes. Elements like that in games usually don't appeal to me because there's just no possible way that we could know where to fall - so maybe a marker of some sort like a neon blinking arrow would have been nice on those levels.

Other than those minor things, I think you've put together an overall pleasant game to play, and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, and I hope you continue to make games like these an expand upon what you've already done. Be sure to send me a PM if you release a new version. I'd love to play and review it =)