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Retro Room

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Author Comments

The finished Product with much cut away from it, most noticeably games and sound.
I realise you have to tap pause quickly I could have fixed this but I didnt.
This game is just a demonstration and application of my programing knowledge as well as paying tribute to retro games

If you don't actually work in flash don't criticizes my laziness its not easy.

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So like..

did you do all the programming yourself?
what I've noticed from playing a few of the games:
Game over screen/reset level doesn't exist when you die lose all your lives your just like well... time to reset the page.
when you die in asteroids during your ship recovery time when it is still blinking you can still die from rocks, not to say you can't move just in the actual game you can't die during that time.
Some games don't have pause buttons?
These are just some things i noticed
If your having problems with programming read up on the thousand of tutorials if your scripts aren't working and you can't find the solution scratch the project and make a new one programming is a learning experience. Don't get attached to any of your scripting.

if you dont want criticism

dont submit your "work" to newgrounds.

PaggosIchor responds:

I think your miss interpreting my use of the term work.

I'm a programmer

On a programmer view: I suggest you to make your collision detections with points instead of using the default Flash hitTest (square) function.
Furthermore test more thouroughly your games there a re many glitches.
Ex in snake game when using an arrow key going in the contrary direction of your snake the game freezes.

Furthermore check more closely for the complete destruction of your objects.
There are still bugs.
Anyway keep programming. That's how you'll become better

PaggosIchor responds:

Ya I had tried that but it stopoed testing any other than the first one for some reason.
This are tested I'm just not great and this is the current extend to my skills.
Snake if you go back on yourself or hit yourself it freezes because you died, the score also doesn't display until your dead because I didn't want it in the way. You just have to hit r to restart.

Thanks for the support.


im likin it!

Needs Much Work

A few things.
When you lose, you appear to be stuck at the screen where you died. No retries restarts or ways to exit the game.
There are no ways to switch between games.
It also seems that the games are a bit harder and simpler than most of the origional retro versions. Lunar Lander for one used to have a big open space with different places to land for multiples of points. I think this is your first draft my friend.
Good luck.

PaggosIchor responds:

You restart and quit with the R and Q keys, This was started in the instructions section, your failure to read those is not my fault.
I was going to do lunar lander the proper way but the version I made is a call back to an old version from one of my first gaming experiences.
Thank you for your review.

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2010
8:32 PM EST