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Dear Players,
This game is an addition (or expansion) to my Game "Closed In" which was released in June 2009.
Many players were wondering if there is more to come from the little, blurry story that was revealed during the game. And being not completely mindless about it at this point already, it was all the feedback that inspired me to take a new look at this surreal world and many strange ideas were popping out of my head. At this point: Thank you guys :)
Here is one of the ideas, which i liked the most. It starts off as a prequel.
There is no way to "die" this time, no "game over" screen. So it's not so much about jumping over dangerous things and collecting keycards then to just discover the expansion of the mysterious story.
I don't want to spoil anything now, so I hope you can find something significant for yourself in it. Because that's what it's all about! Enjoy!



Hey there,

Thanks for the reviews. I didn't read them all, but when i look at the rather negative ones, it seems like i have to give some answers. Because suicide is definitely something that shouldn't be taken too easy or joked around with.

This game is not trying to glorify suicide in any way!! Also it's not about denying life!
If I really have to say what it's about, i'd say it's about trust and having faith into something/someone, but especially it's about the FEAR to trust. And a thing like falling in love can be very frightening.
It's about what's going on on the inside of a person. And that the "outside" can be just like the "inside".

Right, it's all very personal. And personal stuff can be taken very differently from others. To one person it's like a little treasure, because he can identify with it and find him/herself in it. To another person it's just crap that doesn't make sense or feels totally inappropriate!
But that's normal and totally okay. So, yeah... that's how "falling" in love felt. I guess it's pretty "EMO"?

Again... Thanks for playing...
I really didn't expect this many comments :)

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good game, i got the loyalty ending.

For everyone playing this and complaining about the lack of story: Play the "pre"quel "Closed In", wich shows the perspective of the guy.

Liked the gloomy atmosphere.


Okay, some people are taking this game WAY too literally. It's an art game, it's about metaphor - have you ever heard of symbolism? Obviously the message isn't "if your lover dies, kill yourself." Like the author said, the game is about trust, and about putting complete faith into another person. It illustrates how terrifying and confusing taking that leap of faith can be at first - it's about (literally, in this game) falling in love even if it FEELS like it'd be suicide. I think the message is that you choose your fate - in the end you're going to die, you can die together or you can die alone.

hay man, kewl game

short and sweet, just the way i like it :-)

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Nov 9, 2010
3:48 PM EST
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