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Tropical Gems

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Use mouse to rotate nearest gems and create a triangles of three or more gems of the same color.

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Really good graphics, sound and gameplay!

However, there are some issues i have with this:
- I get that, once I have made a triangle of a single colour, this colour and all adjacent gems of the same colour vanish. However, also blocks of other colour seem to vanish sometimes, in the same moment, and I cannot make out a reason why this is - is it a game mechanic? Or a bug?
- I got no idea which combination brings how many points. Once a set of blocks is destroyed, the point value for this destruction should be displayed, not only the total points. Maybe this could be turned off later via an options menu once the player gets the hang of the value of his moves.
- The timer is ... awkward. I know it counts down. And that s all I know about it. Clocklike timers like yours with over 10 seconds need the seconds remaining displayed, because the player is focusing on the game and not really focussed on an almost-not-at-all moving clock, it feels like watching an hour-watch hand.
- There is a time bonus! Great! But, how many points are needed to reach the next time bonus step? This also is valuable information missing.
- And at last, the gameplay: Instead of instantly destroying the triples once they were made, I would let them remain and give them a glowing effect until the player clicks them again, then destroying them. This would allow the player to build up several of these triples, and then clicking them one after another. Why? Because this way, a player would have a more "active" feeling about making a combo, instead of simply watching more and more gems down and auto-plopping, which feels totally luck-based. He also would be more strategic in his moves, for he would already see a destroyable triple he would not kill it by deleting blocks under it.

Hope my review was understandable,

keep up the good work, almost there in my opinion !

Nice! A hexic clone.

I like it. The mechanics are clean, the music and sound effects add to the atmosphere, and the art looks really polished. Only gripe, I'd say, is the lack of ability to rotate the other way - like Hexic. But, overall, a solid piece of work. :)

Awesome idea

I doubt if you thought of this, but I've never seen it before!
very professional graphics, too.

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2010
10:23 AM EST