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Gunfire Echoes

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IMPORTANT: The game is very CPU intensive, I'm afraid that if you run it on netbooks you will experience slowdowns and glitches :(. We are working to see how we can optimize the game a bit.

Gunfire Echoes is a shooter with tower defense elements, gain experience killing your enemies and upgrade your skills to defeat the huge bosses at the end of each level.

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wonderful game overall

Some of the game balance felt a bit off:-

-Weapon power upgrades are incredibly powerful and easily focused on(i'd suggest imposing a level cap of sorts, say one weapon upgrade every 2 levels.)
-Rifles seem to do very little damage compared to other weapons AND fires slower to boot. It was my least used weapon overall.
-Turrets and turret upgrades feel useless past midway through the game. They're extremely useful for 2 side sieges but for the last few levels, you don't have the luxury to put any down without letting your base get attacked.
-ammo is a pain for the last few missions.
-lag issues on and off for really graphic heavy levels.

Still, it was a nice way to pass time and it was a pretty good game overall with good graphics and pretty solid gameplay. Thanks for the game.

Too much lag

Great game, great down


this is one of the funnest game ever but i got stuck on level 2 like i couldnt move the camera to kill the big robot thing that was shooting my tower thingy but other than that this was a really fun game


I really like the whole thing, graphics were good for a flash too. I don't like how the guy simply cut my orbital gun in half with his tiny sword. Thhe GoW reload system was nice

too big and heavy

The game would be nice if it doesen't crash.