Oh No, Its Silvio

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In this animation a guy named silvio Breaks into another guys house so the dude shoots silvio. I have wanted to do this animation for a long time but I finally learned how. Please don't be to hard on me with your harshness of criticizing.


you know what,

I can't take this type of stuff.

First of all you need to make the lips move in a realistic way instead of making it look like he blabs every syllable as a word like cat.
Also you need to animate less choppy. you need to make little change between frames otherwise you can tell which is a frame's beginning and which is the next.
You need to change the art. I might suggest using the line tool instead of paint. Though it's just my idea.
And finally, work on your voice acting. You sound like your talking to a 1st grader.

That's all the constructive criticism i'll give you. Good luck, and i hope you take this seriousely.

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The "Oh No Its Silvio" Was Pretty Bad. And The "wait Shouldn't I Be Running" Part Could Use More Emotion. But I Love The Horrible Accent. :)


The russian voice was the highlight of this video.
On the other hand, there was no joke. And the ending screen, saying "Made by John" does nothing to distinguish you from others, because John is an extremely common name. Use a nickname or something.


it's kinda good for a start but it shows like you spent no time on it at all let me give you some tips
1. there's no plot or story line try coming up with a really good one
2. you spent no time on it it looks like you just through it together just to put something in the flash portal
3.your lip syncing needs some work to
but other than that for a first animation it's pretty descent

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What whas that?

Before posting on newgrounds get some practise bro, The art look's like you were rushing or some thing, you drew the L wrong, it loops, and you did't explain
what was happening, who's Silvio?Why did he brake in to the house?Why did he want to kill him?Why does he look like old times nerd?Why do you HAVE A GUN?


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Nov 8, 2010
11:40 PM EST
Comedy - Original