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UPDATE: Thanks Tom & company for the front page. My servers crashed twice as my host scrambled to meet the needs of this application. But, that is hopefully resolved.

UPDATE: WooOo Trophy! :D Thanks for the votes!

UPDATE: There are two music load bars near the bottom of the application. The one on the left is the current song, the one on the right is the next song up. This isn't indicated anywhere in the application, but now you know & knowing is half the battle.

First, thanks to Newgrounds & the audio portal composers for being such awesome guys. I like the cut of your jibs.

This is phase 2 of the Audio Bridge Project. Phase 1 was ugly and never saw the light of day. Phase 2 is minimalistic and mostly not ugly. But, the sound is the point.

This is a radio which updates its library to contain songs, currently, just from the Newgrounds audio portal. The database is not strictly up to date at every given moment, but it is updated regularly. So, if you vote on songs, those scores will eventually be stored in my database.

You can filter music by score, genre, & date submitted.

What you can't do, yet, is favorite music, go back and listen to a track you already listened to, or create playlists. I only mention that because plans for phase 3 include those mentioned features. Fret not, your ear drumbs shall be caressed by the most caring of musical fingers, in the future!

If you're into code and stuff like that, you'd be interested to know the entire project was created using FlashDevelop and the Flex SDK. Nothing here was actually made in Flash unless it was a Newgrounds resource.



I am enjoying this submission. I am treating this as an application when I suggest that:
1. Remove the introduction logos so that frequent users can go straight into the music
2. Be able to store some cookies saving user preferences such as the previous music filter settings.
Thanks for this app!

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Great music

I like the individual player, still some things to add to it though, needs more songs and a individual playlist of the songs.The music is really good.

gumOnShoe responds:

There are ~270,000 songs in the song library. :P


heavy metal made me pee my pants other than that it was good


2 things make this awesome:

1 being able to limit by score
2 being able to focus by genre (itunes wont even let you do either!)
a back button would be pretty sweet but theirs enough good stuff where it doesn't really matter much

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nearly perfect

very nice GUI and functions,
now you just need to add better music :D

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gumOnShoe responds:

Tell the audio artists. :P

But that's why you can filter the music by score.

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4.33 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2010
1:20 PM EST
Gadgets - Musical