Halloween Twilight 1.1

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Following your comments and other ppl ideas i have changed the game a bit:

* Ghosts now cannot be killed
* Skeleton kill = 100 points
* New maps added and some remade (now harder)
* Vampire spell now has some lifetime until it disappear
* Z to shoot now can be hold to fire fire fire fire :)

I'm currently working on new projects but one of this is a new platform based on this platform engine..
feel free to help me improve my games commenting it and suggesting new features!! :-)


Vartagh (follow me on Twitter!)

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Not bad, just two problems..

It's actually quite good, but the lack of music is a little bit of a disappointment. Also, I'm not sure which level I'm on, but it's the first real castle-looking one, and I died and got stuck in a ceiling no where near where my coffin is, and I can't get unstuck. He just fazed through the roof and is stuck there it seems. But other than that, this isn't half bad. It's pretty fun to play. ^^

Solid Platformer

This was a solid platformer, but at times a little unforgiving. The dropping stones were too much IMO. It would have been nice to be able to shoot them and have them fall, or have a little longer lag time so you could run past them.

I didnt play through too many levels, but saw no penalty for death (perhaps lose points per death).

My largest gripe was the fact that there was no ability to "look down" or scroll the map. There were quite a few times where there were drops that went to certain death. It would have been nice to be able to avoid those if you were smart enough to look down.

Fun for a while.

It was a pretty fun game but it lost a mark since it glitched and caused me to respawn trapped in the wall in the first level inside the castle/dungeon. Other than that it was a pretty fun way to kill time.

Pretty Decent

I like it, but...(Yes, there is a but) Some parts in the game people may believe to be impossible. I know they are not, though. I really enjoyed the good pixellated style you brought, maybe a theme song? Possibly?

I am curious in which platformer designer you used. Which?

Good job!

vartagh responds:

for maps design i use Mappy , game engine is mine in flash as3 (flashdevelop)

Good engine...

...but the game could still use a little polishing. The point system, especially the pumpkins, just seem kinda gratuitous. There should be some reward for collecting them whether that be different playable characters, an upgrade system (which I don't think would work well for this kinda game), a leaderboard (which also wouldn't work unless you either lost points for dying or gained points for speed), or some other kinda reward rather than just seeing that number increase.

I understand why nothing else resets when your character dies but you might want to consider having the falling blocks at least reset at death.

Since the skeletons all get tombstones when they die it might be cool to give the player's character a tombstone to, particularly if it was a different tombstone from the skeleton one.

If you make the levels any longer you should put in a checkpoint system. Since nothing resets at death it is very boring to run through an already beaten area multiple times if you get stuck on an element of the level.

Also, and I couldn't tell you exactly why, but I found the bounceback from the ceiling not quite intuitive.

vartagh responds:

hi! :)
checkpoint system will be used with larger maps for sure! In this game maps are relatevely small so..
i like also the idea of Player Tombstone.. :)

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3.67 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2010
8:48 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other