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Howdy again all, and welcome to Furry Fury: Beta on the Beach. The objective is simple. Survive against as many waves of monsters as you can.

Don't let the 'beta' name fool you, this is a full (mini) game. I want to test my code before I try to release another full size game, and I need your help. Please play this game a bit, and then answer these questions:

1. On what level did you first see the game lag?
2. On what level did the lag get so bad that you felt the game was no longer playable?
3. Did you see any other bugs you feel I need to know about? Monsters disappearing or falling thru the floor would be high on that list, but really, post anything you think is odd.


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Its a decent game, just wish it was a little better. For example, there are several times where ill get surrounded and as soon as i break out of one grab another enemy grabs me and the cycle repeats until i die.

codes didnt work after i beat the game

also you never explain grappling, what button am i supposed to mash

really good game but problems like the ones above drive me insane

great game and quick notes level 58 literally 2 frames a second XD and random characters out of place starting at around 40 i think it was and unplayable lag around 45 liking the animations and sound effects but they can be a bit repetitive and the hit box should probably be a bit farther and a little movement in the butt would be nice but all that aside stuffs coming along great keep up the good work!

Great game but, why can't I put in the codes? If you got to wait until the end of the game thats just... unsettling.

1. Level 10 I saw the first bit of lag.
2. By level 20 I was wondering if my flash player could handle this because of how much lag I was at.
3. I didn't see any kind of bugs. Except maybe once where I thought I hit an enemy but he must have just slightly been out of range.
I will admit I didn't get past level 10-11 until I found and used all three of the cheat codes.