FF: Beta on the Beach

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Howdy again all, and welcome to Furry Fury: Beta on the Beach. The objective is simple. Survive against as many waves of monsters as you can.

Don't let the 'beta' name fool you, this is a full (mini) game. I want to test my code before I try to release another full size game, and I need your help. Please play this game a bit, and then answer these questions:

1. On what level did you first see the game lag?
2. On what level did the lag get so bad that you felt the game was no longer playable?
3. Did you see any other bugs you feel I need to know about? Monsters disappearing or falling thru the floor would be high on that list, but really, post anything you think is odd.


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Not bad at all. Some things I'd like to see are M/F/M and F/F/F threesomes, and possibly an option to have all female or all male monsters.

OKAY CODES FOR YOU oh and cheats are cap sensitive

1).knowledgeispower gives a boost to all stats attack up defense up armor last longer (is stack-able and will boost how ever many times you want).

2).playshapes unlocks and allows you to play as Krystal.(Better def and more health).

3).dirtyc101 unlocks dirty mode (Dirty mode is a mode that makes you refill health while it is being taken but sex scene last a little longer in this mode about 45 sec to kill a full health enemy). Tip the best tip to last the longest is to equip the knowledgeispower 5 time and stay by left wall and punch the enemies that get to close when against 3 or more enemies kick them and keep away from you. Your welcome 😊

ps. keep passing this around so everyone knows 😊😊

Alright so one bug I noticed a couple of bugs. If you spam the "S" button while against the right fence, you can clip through it and die pointlessly. However, if you do it on the left fence, you don't die so you can just go off bounds basically as far as you want.

Overall, however, the game is quite fun for the first say 15 rounds or so, then it kinda feels rinse-repeated. Also, lag would start coming in sometime between round 15 or 20, and by I think it was 24, it became pretty difficult to play...

It's a good game though.

I fight Level 1 but I can't play with K. Fox

Its a decent game, just wish it was a little better. For example, there are several times where ill get surrounded and as soon as i break out of one grab another enemy grabs me and the cycle repeats until i die.