Hidden Fortress

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Aliens hijack the world air forces. All planes become enemies. The last defense remain is Hidden Fortress. To protect the Hidden Fortress, you must destroy all planes including aliens.

Simple shooting defense game where you have to protect your hidden base. Weapon upgrades and bases defenses can be brought. Highscores on sponsors website. click the extra money link to give yourself a small advantage.

Thanks Anthony


i won't die

wouldn't fire

Looks like it could be fun, but it wouldn't fire. The game registers when I click a buttun, crosshair moves.

I'm using a Mac magic mouse, can you fix this bug?

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Like skyood

I too am using a touchpad, and clicking will not fire the weapons. I can move the cross hair, and the game registers when I click a button. But not firing.

But unlike skyood, I won't give the game a complete 0 just because I can't play it.

You sure did it.

You made this game fun. A game that most untalented and talented flash animators could not have accomplished easily. Hope to see a sequel to this. I won't tell you to keep doing what you already know what to do. Part two would be awesome with more than a few songs, and more upgrades. I know you put a lot of time on this. Good luck, and have fun.

Not bad, could use more work though...

The plasma bombs appear to be broken. I've fired about 15 of them, and none have destroyed anything. They appear to just pass through enemies whenever i shoot it. Please fix this.
Also, I think it would be nice if the main gun upgrades actually had different shooting graphics. Maybe even just different colors, or a thicker beam would be nice. The AI on the additional turrets is well done, as is the increase of difficulty as levels progress. I'd like to see more upgrades, however, because I found myself maxed out long before finishing the game. One option is to prevent purchase of a high level cannon until all preceding cannons have been purchased. This stretches out the upgrade system a bit. Otherwise, it's much more cost efficient to save up money and skip a couple main gun upgrades.

Personally, I rather enjoyed the game. It's clear you put a lot of work into it. I think you have talent, and could do even better with future efforts.

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2010
10:15 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed