The Clone Controversy

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Lucas went and made way too many clones. How is a galaxy far far away gonna cope with them when the war is over?

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I found this slightly interesting while there is flaws in the logic a lot of work obviously went into this :D

nt kwl

this sucks it has no humour, no apparent storyline nd its boring. it barely referred 2 star wars at all. this woz a very bad movie.


you obviously have not played battlefront 2 or read ANY of the books or any of the games...

the grand army became the stormtrooper corps. but after the kaminoan uprising where they created an army of clones to help those damn rebel bastards, the emporer had vader rape prime minister lama su's ass then ordered that only the 501st legion was to remain pure. they stopped using jango fett clones and got different sources so the different legions had less and less jano fett clones until only the 501st had jango fett clones.

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Pretty good

I liked it. It could have been better, but it was good. Oh, and to the previous review, that Nemoidian was not from the Banking Clan, he was from the Trade Federation. The Trade Federation is run by Nemoidians, not the Banking Clan.

Very nice...

I like it, you could make a whole movie zbout this... a movie about what happens to the clones, and stuff. I like the banking clan guy with the "You can have my DNA when you pry it from my cold dead body" part... nice voice on him... you could definetly use a play button... you'd be better of with the NG preloader...very nice job... you should continue on with this and make more like this...great job...

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Jun 28, 2002
2:56 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody