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This flash is basically a summary of Political Ads in America. In each commercial, I learned nothing about the candidate they were supporting, but I learned a shit ton of bad things about their opponent; whether the information was true or not.

I hate Politics; don't you?

PS: Be careful; it might get loud.

Edit: Changed the preloader a bit and fixed a few things.

Edit: Thank you for the front page! Sorry gaiz hafta see anotha political ad mai bad :C


lol x2

this video never gets old. nice one


we've got a state election on here in Melbourne right now but it's early days so the really nasty ads haven't started yet... I don't think ours are anywhere near as nasty as yours in the states. I wish they were.
I loved this clip and everything it stands for. You have my vote, in fact I might even wear your button and put up a sign in my front yard! :D

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finally, the come back of sardonicsamurai!

yay, your flashes are cool. Anyway it was funny, well made and very very true.

lol, very good point

Uggh, thank goodness elections are over now! on all the low number channels, like the news channels, every single commercial was political. im not even making it up. not a single insurance or car commercial, the usual tv spammers, ALL political. some didn't even make sense, others contadicted eachother. it was true madness. funny movie, very true to life too. lol

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you should make flash more often

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SardonicSamurai responds:

Maybe maybe baybeh ;3

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