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The Navidson Record

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Author Comments

Added a bit more variety, split up some of the mazes, and... well, cant say, but play the game and see...

I strongly recommend not playing this game if you have any intention of reading the book House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski.

Now that I've got that out of the way, those of you who have no intention of reading the book, of have already read the book, this is my attempt at making a game out of The Navidson Record. This is my first major flash project (just look at my last game I posted, I know its crap.) The basic concept is a sort of mesh of all of the explorations into Navidson's house, while telling the story through story pages in between levels. Hopefully you enjoy my little game, and if you are going to slam it, give constructive criticism, instead of "this is terrible, you should go kill yourself." (Hopefully that won't be necessary, but there are always people).

Anyway, quit reading my commentary and PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!

WASD- Move
Mouse- Aim flashlight
To turn story pages, click the page corner in the bottom right corner

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congrats, sir, you got me very interested in the book. i have yet to read it i have just downloaded it) and i have yet to finish the game. i got up to the maze and was so overtaken that i looked up the book and read articles on it!! i am a BIG fan of creepypasta and this seems right up my alley! i wont play the game until i have finished the book, and when i do, i will play your game and review it! thank you so much, for exposing me to what i am sure to be an exhilarating read!!!!

This game was okay. In spite of the repetitiveness, the visuals are clear, and the more you go on, the more you get the feeling that the house is warping into something completely otherworldly. No comment on the music because I almost never play games with the music on. But nothing against you! Just purely my personal tastes there.

My only problem (I stopped after the 3rd maze) was how repetitive it got with the mazes. I've never read the book, but is this story on any CreepyPasta sites? It seems familiar, and it's an excellent concept you're working with. Reason why I stated that I never read the book was that a certain you could add to the maze areas would be gradually creeping darkness which each progressive level, but I don't know if that's part of the book. I also thought the mazes maybe could get a little more non-geometric, which would give an even stronger feeling of madness as you progress, but then again, I haven't read this book, I don't know if that detail is part of it, and I also don't know how accurately you want to stick to the book's visual details.

Anyway, "dark" mazes aren't really my thing, but this game is intriguing. I would play through more if the maze parts didn't seem so repetitive, or if they were gradually made stranger and more interesting as you progressed. Otherwise, the control setup works well, the mouse controls have good sensitivity, and the game runs quite smoothly for me. Good amount of potential in this game, so good luck!

Ok, 3 years since you posted this game but actually I have to mention now that it is just lovely made!
I read the book recently and I am writing a term paper on this topic, too ;)
The game resembles the book perfectly. All the haters before who said that the mazes were boring didn't have a clue that exactly THIS resembles the way the characters were lost in the book and the way the reader sometimes feels when reading the book. You just feel lost because of the complexity of the book and the riddles and mazes inside the textual structures.
You nicely adopted the text passages and the way they were arranged on the page.
The growl that also appears in the book and you are awaiting an evil creature every moment, but that doen't happen, exactly like in the book. I just don't get the Holloway passage, there is no story development out of this in your game? It is just a fact that I think the people won't get when they haven't read the book.

I may contact you to ask some questions on this one, hope you're still signed in here.

Review and Tips to Author

Sadly I have to give this game a bad review.
Not because of the extensive mazes, I have played many maze type games before with a similar concept to this one.
I am giving it a bad review for these reasons;

1. WASD controls, I have never used my left hand to control the mouse and many gamers are used to a WASD control when using the mouse to control a secondary object i.e. flash light, so having to use my left hand for the mouse and my right to control the character became really frustrating fast, now the arrow key and mouse controls may work for left handed people or the ambidextrous people but for gamers used to using WASD its one major sin a flash game can commit. So you need to make the controls changeable so players can pick their preferred control scheme.

2. The amount of mazes in between story pages, it got to the point where I was going through 3 or 4 mazes to get to a cut screen, due to the control issue it made moving around slow and tedious (because I was using my left to control the flashlight and it would be moving slower than the character) this meant it took ages getting through 1 maze especially when they became more complex so doing 4 before getting to 1 single story page really got annoying.
My advice ether give several story pages at the end of 4 mazes instead of just 3 or 4 lines for example "I am not alone", just because if a person has just spent time getting through a few mazes to reach a story page and they are confronted with 3 or 4 lines of text and a sound clip, its just really frustrating.

3. Not a lot going on, there is not much going on inside the mazes no puzzles to solve other than the maze itself and no little creeping movements for players to see out of the corner of their eye while they play, its bland. I know you were inspired by a book and you're heavily basing it on the book however books have a way of building suspense and other emotions within the reader with descriptive language and other literary devices.
This game however does not have those things to help it along, you need to add things to keep players interested.
Otherwise all this is, a solid back colour with some lines on it which you can't pass and everything is dark except where you point your flashlight, and that's it for maze upon maze upon maze with a few breaks where you get a few lines of text at best, and the same music repeating itself over and over.

I'm going to give you a 4/10 and 2/5 because the game itself works, the music is creepy enough to give this an eerie edge at least in the beginning stages of the game it was a good fit even though it became repetitive after a while, the controls although awkward do work .

Things to Improve -

Control Scheme - Allow users to pick their preferred control scheme

Cut Scenes/Mazes - Ether decrease the amount of mazes between cut scenes or increase the amount of story you get each cut scene or think about having little animations between mazes moving the story along, that way you could increase the amount of mazes between each short cut scene animation.

Mazes - Add to the mazes, make the back ground colour different, or the type of maze different maybe there is a light in one maze but it flickers and each time it goes off the maze changes slightly or an additional rout is added, maybe add a creature or something to avoid and add it fairly early on to keep the gamer engaged.

Music - Allow the player to turn the music on or off, that way if they get annoyed of it they can turn it off put something they like on in the background and continue playing

Keep trying...

taytrefenwyd91 responds:

First of all, thank you so much for not just saying how much you hate it, etc, and actually giving constructive criticism.

I've fixed the controls to wasd (although I guess the update is still awaiting approval), but part of the reason for the mazes is that it is an endless, infinite labyrinth, and the ground and walls are supposed to be "ash gray" according to the book. I originally wanted the growl noise to play at random after the "i am not alone..." page, but couldnt figure it out, and as for not seeing anything, nothing is ever seen besides ash gray walls, floors, and blackness.

If you have suggestions how to improve beyond this, or how to convey add some variety while still staying true to the book (assuming you haven't read, so based on what I've written and what you saw in the game) please let me know.,

Almost Raged.

Ok, after getting to the spiral staircase and having the labyrinth continue. Rage started to build then I thought this is more and likely the most bland book ever.... I'm not big into books unless Sci-fi or Horror Sci-fi but this just made me not want to read this book.
The game was so bland and dull not texture I mean..... You could have spent more time just doing a better job. Beta test it afew times. Having to do 5 mazes maze after maze I was ready to give up.

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2010
10:59 PM EDT