Aztec God Game

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Thunder God 5 Points

Gain the Thunder God achievement!

Over Population 10 Points

Have 100 followers on the map.

Epic City 25 Points

Build 40 Large Temples in one level.

Author Comments

A god-game in the old-school style of the Bullfrog classic, "Populous".

Be an Aztec God.. create flat land so your followers can build temples. Accumulate mana from their worship then use your powers to smite the unbelievers! Gain extra mana by sacrificing your followers, but be careful not to wipe out your own civilisation!
Beware though; The computer controls a rival God and will do everything in its power to destroy your followers...

I've done my best to include all the game-play features that made the original Populous so addictive. The major differences are in some of the spells, and you can't directly control the 'Magnet'. You can however sacrifice your own population (when you have temples) to gain mana quickly ready to cast plagues, floods or armageddon!

version 1.14n
+ start at level 1! (use 'continue' to do this manually until this patch comes live)

version 1.13n
+ fix preloader
+ increase time for 'fast contact' achievement to 75 seconds

NewGrounds site-lock version 1.12n:
+ badges
+ NewGrounds branding
+ hard levels available

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, the tracks are "Monkoto", "Shamanistic" and "Collossus".
3D art by Lord_Garland
Interface art by PIXELCHUNK

Many thanks to the brilliant team at Bullfrog who made Populous, still one of the most memorable games from that era.


Great game!

Not a fan of the graphics, but a great game.

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almost perfect!

Very addicting and fun to boot. its a well thought out concept and looks like it took a long time to make. keep up the good work!-1 fpr the "hidden control schemes though, you might want to literate the hidden control scheme or point out that the mouse wheel can be used to raise/lower land i found out by accident.

FightClub69 responds:

Glad you like it! The controls are all listed on page 1 of the in-game help (click the ? on the toolbar). I was going to mention it in the tutorial too, but a lot of people find the tutorial too long and annoying already so I cut it short.


i do agree that while you did a great job, a few extra improvements might not hurt.

overall, this seems like you put a great deal of time and effort. the game play is smooth, but i must admit that it gets a bit repetitive after a while.

luckily, im a guy who doesnt like to put a game down til he finishes it. it came to a point where i just tested myself to see how fast i can win rounds (my record slightly over 3 minutes, but i know for sure i can beat this).

my comments to those who think many spells/tools are useless:
- thunder: excellent for tearing up buildings and their inhabitants
- swamp: awesome when many villagers are running around trying to expand
- desert: i dont use this much. pain in the ass when trying to fix land later.
- hero: is really great, especially if match is tied or youre losing a bit. the damage he does is huge and he can greatly balance a fight.
- armageddon: simply put - the minute you have more buildings and population than your enemy, use this and you win.

my game play tips:
- build along edges at first, then as mana increases cut across one edge of screen to other to really expand fast;
- forget drowning enemies... use your mana to build huge mountains in middle of enemy land to force all their buildings to be tiny;
- sacrifice is one of the best tools in game when your mana max is high enough;
- dont be scared to let your villagers get gangsta and do battle

win tactics:
- once your mana maximum is over 1000, sacrifice to build mana to about 900, then switch back to regular growth. the minute your population is more than enemy, use armageddon and win (fastest win possible).
- once your mana maximum is over 800, sacrifice to build up and then switch to create leader. once your leader is at least 7k, switch back to growth and do create hero spell. he'll wreck shit while you continue to grow. rinse and repeat to soften enemy.
- build your land up one level... as you gain a lot of mana, build a decent sized section up a 2nd level, then use flood... use rest of mana to take down leftover enemies or build bridge for your guys to rush them.

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good,but when i was just a thundergod...(on like lvl 6 or sometin')my opponent had like,17 chosen ones!!its ONES!!not sixteens!!

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Really liked it

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2010
5:45 AM EDT
Strategy - Other