Aztec God Game

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Thunder God 5 Points

Gain the Thunder God achievement!

Over Population 10 Points

Have 100 followers on the map.

Epic City 25 Points

Build 40 Large Temples in one level.

Author Comments

A god-game in the old-school style of the Bullfrog classic, "Populous".

Be an Aztec God.. create flat land so your followers can build temples. Accumulate mana from their worship then use your powers to smite the unbelievers! Gain extra mana by sacrificing your followers, but be careful not to wipe out your own civilisation!
Beware though; The computer controls a rival God and will do everything in its power to destroy your followers...

I've done my best to include all the game-play features that made the original Populous so addictive. The major differences are in some of the spells, and you can't directly control the 'Magnet'. You can however sacrifice your own population (when you have temples) to gain mana quickly ready to cast plagues, floods or armageddon!

version 1.14n
+ start at level 1! (use 'continue' to do this manually until this patch comes live)

version 1.13n
+ fix preloader
+ increase time for 'fast contact' achievement to 75 seconds

NewGrounds site-lock version 1.12n:
+ badges
+ NewGrounds branding
+ hard levels available

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, the tracks are "Monkoto", "Shamanistic" and "Collossus".
3D art by Lord_Garland
Interface art by PIXELCHUNK

Many thanks to the brilliant team at Bullfrog who made Populous, still one of the most memorable games from that era.


Wonderful Game

10 out of 10 and 5 out of 5
However I do have some suggestions.
I would like a level editor, because the custom game and random game were the exact same thing. Also possibly you could make the smart flatten land click a bit smarter so that we could input what level of elevation we want it to go to. I personally have never played populous however I am sure that this game is 10 times better and I congratulate you on that. I have added this game to my favorites and will vote it a 5 everyday until I complete every level which will take a while.


As a fan of the original Populos, I want to say "Thank you" for this game.

It's been a while since a played a game like this.
Simple, quick fun, but with so much depth behind it. It allows for a multitude of tactics, and could be a real burner in multiplayer.
Perfecting the "easy to learn, hard to master" design mantra, you made a good homage to the original, with enough new ideas to get me interested.

Kudos to the AI, it is mostly rather competitive.
I'm a little sad that building high and flooding the enemy doesn't work anymore because the Ai totally abuses my lag and casts flood two more times.
And I miss the volcano, though in retrospect I can't even tell what it did.

The controls drove me absolutely crazy, what with suddenly planting a mountain in my territory when I click twice, and I had some serious performance issue. This game would work a lot better with a zoom option, or a bigger window so a worldmap can be fit, but just like the controls, thats the limits you have, and I'm unwilling to draw any points for the platform.

As such, 5/5, 10/10, and keep going!

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FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the in-depth comments! The AI should only 'counter flood' on it's higher intelligence levels (it's hidden from the player but harder levels have tougher AI rules) so there should be a soft-spot where you can flood with impunity. If the AI is out of mana he can't counter-flood either, so try using it after he's done something that cost a bunch of mana. I added the counter-flood tactic because otherwise it's too easy to just build 2 up and then flood.. with this in place you have to build much higher (which takes longer and may cost you the advantage). The AI also spots if you're building high a lot, and will try to add some high-ground of his own.
Thanks for the great marks :)

Nice Populous clone BUT wrecked by scroll bug

Very nice God Game... captures the Populous spirit very well.

Unfortunately I had to give up playing due to a horrendous bug that makes the game completely unplayable. Apparently at random, the scrolling starts to go wrong - I can scroll up/down okay but the game automatically scrolls hard to the right; even attempting to left scroll manually just holds the game screen still, and releasing the "A" or "left" key sends the view flying off to the right. Even when this happens, up/down scroll works fine though. Applying "Omniscience", the automated scrolling works perfectly. But after disapplying Omniscience, the scrolling goes back to screeching off to the right. Very annoying as the game itself is good :(

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Nice game, i't like a age of "Aztec" xD


but, i think your badge system, don't work...

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FightClub69 responds:

The badges seem to work ok I think? I got one of them (the other two are much harder) and it's all coded in the same way. I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

my review

great game just sucks that i only got to play 2 lvls because it won't let me play any lvls now but great job man i give 10 even if it has some work needed to be done.

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2010
5:45 AM EDT
Strategy - Other