Wind in the wires

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Wind In The Wires
A love song for electricity
November 2009 – October 2010
7175 frames running at 25 frames per second
43 shots, 1793 symbols and 28 layers
Total running time: 4 minutes and 46 seconds
Programs used – Adobe flash CS3-5

Written and Directed by – Ryan Catania
Art and Animation by – Ryan Catania
Music by – Patrick wolf

Our planet is dying. The industrial revolution is taking over our land; it is all about expanding and creating. The world is stripped of color, pollution fills the sky and nature is slowly decaying. The air is hot and thick as oxygen fades. In this wasteland there are two lovers, broken apart inside. As the waves crash and the birds cry, there is only one last remaining shine of hope that still blooms in what has now become an electrical world; love.
Based on the lyrics and music of Patrick wolfs 2005 single - Wind in the wires.

The animation was created for my major project during my second year studying my " Advance diploma in multimedia and animation".

Mark: HD

EDIT - DAILY 2ND PLACE - i cannot thank everyone enough for this award. Thank you for watching and voting. i really appreciate it, thank you!

EDIT- FRONT PAGE! I'm absolutely speechless, i cannot thank everyone enough, this is a massive privilege and achievement for me. I'm so happy that everyone has enjoyed my Animation and touched them in one way or another. Thank you all for your reviews,comments and support. Thank you!


good moive

looks like have a good meanings
it that right??

witch from left 4 dead

lol.song is good tho

skip loading

hi just do this right klick with the mouse on the vid and scroll down to Play up. It's easy and u don't need to wait hehe.

it pulls at the heartstrings.

i thought the use of only greys and the red gave this video a meloncholymfeel to it, paired with the lyrics to the song really made your point stand out. you rock, dude.


One of the better flashes i've ever seen. This had a deep thought behind it unlike the other garbage that circulates around the net. Kudos

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4.19 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2010
2:13 AM EDT
Music Video