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Me and My Dinosaur

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A deep and emotionally impacting story and game about a boy and his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, and their adventure to escape greedy scientists and reach paradise.

Navigate both the boy and the dinosaur to the end of the game and use their abilities to help eachother and overcome many obstacles - like pits, spikes, and savage science-spliced beasts.

Tissues are recommended.


This is also my first finished Flash Game, and I'm severely proud of it (for being my first game).

I hope you enjoy it.

PS: If you'd like to feature this game on your own website(s), it's fine by me. Just dont try to alter the game. And PM me about it too, please.

PSS: Sorry, this game is not open to recieve any revenue, nor sponsorships.


Wow! Game of the Day, AND front page! I am excite!

UPDATE: I know the ending can be... ... disappointing. I'm sorry. BUT FEAR NOT! Granted, I should have left off a better clue, but here it is up front:

It's not the end. There's a sequel coming, which has a happier ending (Is it Paradise? We'll see...) - and, of course, MUCH less glitches. Much improvement all around - better graphics, coding, gameplay, and a little easier gameplay.

Expect it... mmmm... Late Summer? By early 2012, at the latest. :)


Haters Gone Hate.

I thought it was a really nice game and you should be proud of this, i would be.

The ending sucks. Moving on...

There's a lot of ways this game is truly terrible, and they come into full force at the end. It'd be one thing if it was legitimately challenging, but when you're getting killed by the area surrounding enemies, or having foreground objects blocking the action, it's really just poor game design. You talk about "determination and skill," but it seems like what really determines the difficulty of each level is whether or not the glitches are working for or against me (P.S. If you don't want people complaining about glitches, either ask people not to review or don't make glitchy games.)

I have a hard time believing how thoroughly you beta tested. You sincerely need to reassess how you go about that. I believe there's something to the idea that the more time the player spends replaying a level because he or she falls through a platform, the less time the designer spent going over the game.

That being said, I don't get frustrated with and comment on strictly bad games; I just don't play them. Beneath all the careless glitches and glaring design flaws, there's a terrific game here. Early on, the game walks a fairly intriguing balance between puzzle and platforming. As much as apparently many gamers besides myself are duly frustrated with glitches and pixel-perfect platforming, I think you're as duly "severely proud" for even imperfectly toying around with such an intriguing premise.

I know I said moving on, but I have to say, the ending really really sucks. It's a non-ending. I pretty much only played through the game to see what happened to the damn dinosaur, and at least in that respect, I wasted my time. Maybe someday you could do a remake, tighten up the gameplay and give it a real ending. It'd probably be amazing.

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CannedMeat responds:

Sorry bout that. I am in fact going to fix the glitches once again.

But I DID thoroughly test this game and had it go through beta testing, but it seemed that many glitches still slipped through.

And the foreground objects (in the forest area) are there TO cause trouble.

And sorry about the ending not appealing to your taste. It's just how it is, and it's not changing.

terrible ending

how classic, that a nintendo hard game, has a nintendo crappy ending...white text, on a black screen

everyone says the story is good, but lets be honest, its the music from Lost Odyssey in the intro that hooks you...

I beat this and I'm pissed

I spent 3 days playing this game. Day 1 got to level 17 no problem glitches and all. Then it was a Day trying to time my jumps, springing and avoiding snails that have WAY too big of a kill radi, just to get to the end. Then I find 5 more glitchy levels and "get killed a hundred times before you beat it" levels. And then I got to the ending.

You gave everyone who bothered playing this game to the end a huge middle finger with this ending. You give us a heart felt story of a boy trying to save his awesome pet and then you hit us with portals 'the cake is a lie'. Your paradise is a lie. You kill the kid at the end and say paradise doesn't exist. Listen you bitter fuck. I wasted 3 days of my life playing this in my spare time just to see that adorable t-rex get to a place were he could be happy. In the last level you even put buildings in the background with the sunset and I think "Wow I bet he finds a city of people living with dinosaurs, this is going to be an awesome end!" But no, then you just make all the effort I put getting through those death traps you call puzzles, a total fucking waste. They die whether I do it by accident in the game or I get to your fucked ending. What the hell man. All I wanted was a happy ending for that misunderstood lovable dinosaur and instead you slap me with reality. If I wanted reality, I would get off my ass and walk outside. What I wanted here was the story of how a boy and his pet beat all odds and find a happy place.

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CannedMeat responds:

Well... no, they didnt die. They were captured.

If they died, the boy wouldnt have been able to recite his last monolouge. :/

Not bad needs some work

Got to the end of the first level with lava and the end post wouldnt register. I died trying to work it out, gave up after that. Fix it and i will play again. I will also give it a higher score.

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2010
12:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Other