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The story of Tom and his new iPod Touch...


Ha that was really good!

The reviews beneath mine may seem harsh but it's becuase of ttheir perspective. Sound would've been nice and the text more organized. I actually like the color scheme you used by the way.
Anyway, the story is experessed in a very awkward but good in a way, the animation is pretty good! Well the more movies you make the better they'll get so good luck. And yes, my review os very unorganized i noticed :D

TomysMax responds:

Your review is fine, thank you :).

Needs work.

The animation wasn't draw very well and the framerate was very low. It ended up making the flash look very poor. There was no sound to speak of and the story wasn't really about anything at all.

I would throw in some color and up the frame rate and add some sounds. The good thing about flash is the more that you do it the more that you will improve. You will get better in time.

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How could anyone find this funny.

This sucks in just about every way. Animation, story, everything.

Gratz on getting your ipod tho.

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animation sucks, but i don't think you were aiming for good animation.
the reason for the low score is that its not really funny. It should be in a collab with other slightly funny stuff, but as a solo vid, it's not that good.

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Not crappy

Wow, that was actually really funny

TomysMax responds:

Thank you!

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1.49 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
10:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original