Echoes: Act 1

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I'm a Survivor 5 Points

Survive 3 waves in the unlockable survival mode.

A UEN Commander 10 Points

A medal given to UEN generals. Complete Stage 3.

Bloody Hybrids 10 Points

Eliminate 125 Hybrid targets throughout the campaign and survival mode.

Medal of Honor 10 Points

A medal given to the bravest of UEN fighters. Complete the campaign

Lord of War 25 Points

Unlock all weapons, abilities and units in the unlockable survival mode.

I'm Deus Ex Machina 50 Points

Survive 10 waves in the unlockable survival mode.

Never Give Up 50 Points

Have Yuki to Rick'Roll you over the radio.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Echoes is an action-strategy game. It's set in an extensive universe on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. It joins the famous real-time strategy genre with many elements from the third person shooter genre, in a side-scrolling environment.

Please note this game is loaded with action, and may load on your cpu. If you have any slow frame rates try to lower the graphic settings. Also note Echoes is a heavy story-teller, with scenes and dialogues. If you're in only for the action, there's always a skip button in the corner.

Follow echoes on facebook: http://facebook.com/echoe sgame/
More about the universe: http://echoesgame.com/

Combat mode:
- Mouse - aim, shoot
- W,A,S,D - movement
- Shift - sprint
- Q - command, drag for select units
- E - action circle
- 1-6 - activate abilities
- Z,X,C,V,B - select weapon
- Space - switch to Strategy mode
P, ESC - Pause game
Strategy mode:
- W,A,S,D - camera movement
- Shift - faster camera movement
- Mouse drag - select units
- Mouse click - order units to move
- Ctrl + Mouse click - order units to attack-move
- Hold shift while selecting units to select additional units.
- Space - switch to Combat mode.
- Ctrl + 1-5 to group a few units together.
P, ESC - Pause game


Not bad

I just don't think that this is a finished submission. The controls were way buggy, perhaps allow a second button for jump rather than a double tap? Even to be able to move vertically on the map would help.

other than that, great storyline, and i love being able to switch between strategy and fighting. can't wait for the next one.

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It was promising but...

This game is really difficult and frustrating because of multiple problems with the AI and gameplay mechanics. It was obvious from a start that a project this ambitious developed by such a small group of people would lead to enormus problems in these areas. Don't get me wrong, you did do a good job, but the game is far too pretentious.
The story is plain bad. Its shallow, boring and predictable, even for a flash game standard, and, on top of that, the campaign is extremely short (I know this is supposed to only be part one, but anyway, the promise of better things yet to come does not solve anything). The reedeming qualities are, of course, the graphics and the voice acting, which was very well done. That said, I still consider this game pretty boring, repetitive, short and flawed in too many ways to be really worth playing.

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the graphics (especially the explosions) ARE SOOOO GOOOOD! i love it


Know how much it sucks to be sitting there watching your army get wiped out by a mortar shooting enemy on a hill that you can't reach because your own troops shoot mortars that don't go far enough to reach that blast you back. I actually got stuck in a never ending blast recoil loop from this, being tossed back and forth like a volleyball.

The game has promise. But as it is, the campaign is very short, and the ally AI needs work, and it would probably be good to turn off friendly fire. Those tank things are way too strong too. Or the aerial support needs a buff.

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Bad ¡

- You can confusing controls
-Enemies are more than your army
-Your army are a bunch of chickens ( they do not fight by themselves)
-You always be under pressure without help of yours
-Everything you built is destroyed quickly
-You get frustrated 5 minutes later of start playing
-Maybe you leave the game without finish it

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
9:42 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Frontpaged November 3, 2010
  • Daily Feature November 4, 2010
  • Weekly 4th Place November 10, 2010