Echoes: Act 1

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I'm a Survivor 5 Points

Survive 3 waves in the unlockable survival mode.

A UEN Commander 10 Points

A medal given to UEN generals. Complete Stage 3.

Bloody Hybrids 10 Points

Eliminate 125 Hybrid targets throughout the campaign and survival mode.

Medal of Honor 10 Points

A medal given to the bravest of UEN fighters. Complete the campaign

Lord of War 25 Points

Unlock all weapons, abilities and units in the unlockable survival mode.

I'm Deus Ex Machina 50 Points

Survive 10 waves in the unlockable survival mode.

Never Give Up 50 Points

Have Yuki to Rick'Roll you over the radio.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Echoes is an action-strategy game. It's set in an extensive universe on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. It joins the famous real-time strategy genre with many elements from the third person shooter genre, in a side-scrolling environment.

Please note this game is loaded with action, and may load on your cpu. If you have any slow frame rates try to lower the graphic settings. Also note Echoes is a heavy story-teller, with scenes and dialogues. If you're in only for the action, there's always a skip button in the corner.

Follow echoes on facebook: http://facebook.com/echoe sgame/
More about the universe: http://echoesgame.com/

Combat mode:
- Mouse - aim, shoot
- W,A,S,D - movement
- Shift - sprint
- Q - command, drag for select units
- E - action circle
- 1-6 - activate abilities
- Z,X,C,V,B - select weapon
- Space - switch to Strategy mode
P, ESC - Pause game
Strategy mode:
- W,A,S,D - camera movement
- Shift - faster camera movement
- Mouse drag - select units
- Mouse click - order units to move
- Ctrl + Mouse click - order units to attack-move
- Hold shift while selecting units to select additional units.
- Space - switch to Combat mode.
- Ctrl + 1-5 to group a few units together.
P, ESC - Pause game



It gives a new meaning to the work EPIC!

Here I thought de Flash platform couldn't handle such large-scale games, bothbecause of CPU overhead limiting graphic and AI capacities, and because the devellopment environment is just too painfully limiting to create large-scale software.

The graphics & plot line are up to par with circa 2k real-time game that run native on the home CPU, and get to access a DVD for cut sceens & extra graphics. The only concession to Flash/browser-based gaming seems to be the side-scrolling model as opposed to a 3D or top-down view of a 2D battlefield map.

Said graphics & plot are indicative of a professional design team approach, which in turn speak of a considerable development budget & state of the art development equipment. (Well, $$$ or WAY LOADS of time & patiences) That's a lot of trouble for a free to play game.

You have raised the bar for flash games!

This said, I have a few interface glitches I'd like to point out:

Walking/running: there needs to be a way to TOGGLE, i.e. lock in the run mode.

Selecting units & View scrolling: You need a way to make different units quick-selectable (at least one on each front) and jump the view quickly to them.

Dem needs to have a auto-move feature so you can set him running to another front while doing strategic work on the said front, in response to incomming attacks.

The spacebar toggle from strategic to tactic controls sometimes leaves Dem locked up an unresponsive. It seems to work differently from mouse-clicking on the on-screen tabs for the same toggle and/or the tutorial dialog somehow interferes.

Said tutorial and plot dialogs kick in _during_ ongoing attacks, whit for a beginner on your interface means I have to ignore one or the other... a frustrating choice to make!!! ;-)

A mission restart or mid-point save option should be directly on the esc menu. (I spend a while trying to find the level select menu because of missing on-screen dialog, then found that it jumps back much farther than I expected, i.e. beyond the last pause in battle. :-( )

Lastly, there are ways to skip cutscene dialog for re-players, but not the in-battle dialog. combined with the lack of mid-point saves, that's a pain!

Despite the glitches, this is _Epic_ & _Professional_ work. I'm really wondering how you pull it of on a free to play budget! (Please PM me to tell me of your work-arrangement, dev budget & man hours invested, etc... As an analyst, not knowing this aspect of your dev recipe is _KILLING_ me! ;-p )

Looking forward to see your sequel and 3rd iteration of this!

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well done

good graphics homie :) i think it's a great gameee

great :)

a great game and i love combat games i hope you can do more

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Nice game and i love the sword thats all i used nice and keep it up

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this game is so epic

that it lags as hell on my 2005 computer XD

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
9:42 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Frontpaged November 3, 2010
  • Daily Feature November 4, 2010
  • Weekly 4th Place November 10, 2010