Castle Hero

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Castle Hero is a sequel of Age of Defense, defend your castle from 4 new bosses and use 8 new spells!

Instructions are in-game.


Great game!

I read some people have problems with the a mayor lag. Never the less my computer ain't so fast and still didn't had any problem with the game lagging. How? just as cvcd says, kill the enemies fast. The weapons of my choise are rocketlauncher and penta-arrow. Awhile the rockerlauncher reloads I shot with the arrow. Although I disagree with cvcd saying increasing characters stats do almost nothing. They do, power will boost your weapons damage and speed will only decrease the reload time for bows and guns and for throwing things you'll be able to shot faster. I'd increase power though, cause speed doesn't really do much. Happy gamming dudes, hope this little tips helps you with the lag.

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Day 38

I would have given this a 10/10 but by day 38 I got raped from lag. I had it on the lowest quality too lol.

great game

as others have mentioned, the lag was a problem, but not so much that it was impossible to play. I think that it is not so much the creators fault with the lag, but rather the player being unable to kill the monsters fast enough, to the point where there are about 100 on screen, and That is when the game starts to lag.

key tips from me, would be to use your special spell when there are a whole lot of monsters on screen, preferably while your laser/rocket launcher is reloading. This will reduce lag by killing a whole lot of enemies at once.
Upgrade you base instead of your guy. There are a few reasons for this:
-The upgrades for the guy do almost nothing
- Upgrading your base will "solve" the problem of lag in the later stages of the game, as your base will be able to withstand huge damage while the game is lagging, and you are unable to fire at the monsters

While alot of people may argue with me on this one, i personally think that the "rocket launcher" is a far better weapon than the laser:
---Penetrates multiple enemies
---6 dmg
---about 8 shots before reload
-Rocket Launcher:
---Penetrates multiple enemies (note: by this point, you should have allready researched double penetrate for your weapons)
---5 dmg
---about 20 shots before reload
---saves you about 44 research points to use on upgrading your base health/armor instead of buying the laser.

To sum it all up:
Great game.
Lag is a small problem, which can be fixed with proper in-game play (and adjusting quality settings).
Would be nice if the rocket launcher actually shot rockets.


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Great beggining

But, later on in the game, there are monsters that lag the whole game. They just keep repeating the same attack and I couldn't move at all. But like I said, great beginning; It was fun, the whole system, and really organized. Great job once again :D

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age of defense is one of my favorite games but this one is too laggy please take soem monsters out or something other then that awesome game im going to keep trying now

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4.00 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
5:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed