Castle Hero

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Castle Hero is a sequel of Age of Defense, defend your castle from 4 new bosses and use 8 new spells!

Instructions are in-game.


LOl Castle Crashers music

Just had tor Rofl at that

Ya catch my drift?

It was generally difficult, the 40 days. I beat it. But!
There should be a warning on screen that says at day 20 : Reduce Game Quality.
I would have really liked for more base health upgrades for the reason that you can end up dying extremely easily.
Laster gun owns all...

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Great game, poor sequel

Great, but hardly different from the first one. I enjoyed it, but I can't give it as good a rating, knowing it's just the first game with a few new features.

Also, I didn't experience any issues with lag, and my laptop isn't even than good. Could the fact that I'm running Linux have anything to do with it?

Good Defense Game

Diverse enemies with various strengths/weaknesses - engaging
Upgrades - engaging

Not being able to tell if Im gonna throw center or high - frustrating especially with some of those smaller fliers.

Well that sucked all the fun out of that game

Great game, completely ( and I do mean completely) ruined by the lag as soon as the on-screen enemies become too much. By the 25th wave I literally had nothing to do but wait for slow, jerky, glacial death because the controls were responding like it was on the edge of a black hole.

Not impressed.

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4.00 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
5:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed