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The Mario Collab!

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Author Comments

'The Mario Collab' was started by a user called Kodower. After months organising, he bailed, and I (Jaspeer) took over.

After months of problems, associated with parts being lost we settled on 938? parts.
The menu was having a bunch of problems, so its is great that DeniseAnimation made on in 4-5 hours.

NatouroMaker7 made the intro in 6 hours, and the the music used was Mario Shuffle by ChampionAnwar.

The complete list of user collaborating in this are:


With problems with SimpleAnimators first part, due to the audio, we decided at the final state of debugging that we would delete the part.


im sorry but non of these are funny

i hate it when people make mushroom jokes when it comes to a mario collab.

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Swing and a miss

This collab had so much potential. Sadly it was disapointing and not really that funny. I give credit for the original animation in some bits but the humor was just so...unfunny. I mean for fucks sake the jokes are the same freaking thing over and over again. MARIO TRIPPING ON MUSHROOMS THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!

Come on people I don't mind Mario parodies it's just that try to make more original jokes perhaps on newer games like Mario Galaxy or Mario Bros. Wii! I'm just saying It's like once you've seen a million Mario parodies you've seen em all. Then again I've seen worse parodies like Street Fighter Club which was just a bunch of dead memes so I should give it a little more credit and it seems you guys had fun with it.

I think you should make another attempt at this hopefully you can get it right next time.

Good luck!


awsome but there is a noob 2 comments down

Pretty darn good

But I do agree with most of the stuff Gustavos said. It was more than a beginners flash it seemed. Still, you lose a point for that GODDANG SOUND.

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whoa whoa whoa whoa

I am conflicted.

In simple terms, this collab is a lot of "mediocre" wrapped in a little "not bad". Err...let's run through it so I can point out what I mean.

Now I liked that intro. The way the scenery comes into play was smooth and creative. Too bad it was cut off by the real menu. But the menu music made me forgive it. We start off the collab with good old 8-bit Mario mishaps. Nothing overly funny or well made, but it sounded good. Props to whoever is supplying the music in this collaboration. Second part gives us some pixel art. Awesome. Except that Mario's wearing a blue suit rather than a red shirt with blue overalls. But hey, that's forgivable. What wasn't was the "joke". I can't be the only one that hates when jokes disappear and are nowhere to be found. So lame. Instead we got a remake of an old Spongebob scene with Mario characters. As if the presence of Mario characters made the song any funnier, original, or relevant (though I must say that I was unaware that the Mushroom Kingdom was located in the deep blue sea). I'm sure I could have enjoyed this part 10 years ago when I saw that episode of Spongebob. But alas, everybody has grown up since then. Why hadn't the writer?

Well, I had time to cool off during the third part. Another pixelated short with...an original plot? Voice acting? whaaaaaaa? Then I heard the buzz sound of the scene transition and I realized that this collab is still proving to be stupid. Seriously, what's with that noise anyway? Pissing off the viewer? You didn't have to go through the trouble!

Fourth skit. Mushroom jokes! hahahahahahahahahahahaahha- moving on...

Now the fifth skit was kinda fun. Something amusing about watching Mario and Luigi sing to their own catchy music the best that they can. Sixth skit was a dramatic change in pace. Mario singing to some german metal. And it was over before I can comprehend the point. After a few more watches, I still can't.

Seventh skit was an earrape of sound effects at first, but the random explosion gag. Made up for it. Wait...

Our final skit had original voice acting. Which turned out to be pretty meh. Oh well, Mario is hard to do after all. I kinda wish it had subtitles or something. I had to watch it again to get the jokes in what appears to be back-to-back animations. I suppose I could dig the humor in them though. Silly, yet perspective.

You don't have to tell me that I'm a dick. That's kinda what I was aiming to be. You know, it's not everyday you get a collab on such a broad and overdone subject. Surprisingly there has never been a Mario Collab before. Not on Portal records anyway. Whenever I see a collab like this I think "oh hey, a bunch of beginners got together to make something. Better tell them what they could do in future projects." Truth is, beginning animators are Newgrounds' future, and they need encouragement and guidance.

But after seeing this collab, something came close to snapping. Like I said, the Mario Collab has never been done, because people know that it wouldn't be well received. Not by everyone, anyway. When you do Mario...you gotta do it big. If this were a collab on any other subject, something that hasn't been so heavily explored in the past, I would support it for merely existing.

So, how about I be the review you look at when you want to know what you did wrong? I looked at all the previous reviews, and nobody has gathered the balls to do this. Little do they know, it's the only way that you improve. Dig?

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Jaspeer responds:

Yeah, your right.
But like i said, most of us are beginers, me included. This is my first time hosting something big as this, and honestly, i feel proud. I know there are a ton of things that needed to be improved and i would of, but a ton of people were up on my back telling me it needed to be uploaded.

So thanks for next time - if theres a next time i host a collab, i will definitely try to use your advice to make a better collab.

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Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2010
2:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody