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Cave systems

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A test thing i made a quite a while ago to practice StyleSheets in as3 and my friend who uses newgrounds a lot more than I do suggested I put it up.
Cave gen came after :P

Using a (slightly modified) algorithm thing I found at http://goo.gl/MJXJ
though source available at request (like you'd actually want it)

there really is no point but to gather coins
digging costs 50 pts and a coin gives you 100 pts

arrows> move
arrows + shift> dig through walls
R > re-generate level (use if stuck or bored or out of coins)
+ and - > change wall/spaces ratio

@ is you
% is your spawn point
& are enemies
O are coins

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pretty nice...

...although I'm having a few issues with the controls. I'm able to move the character with ease, but for some reason digging and resetting the level won't work. It's a damn shame, because those features would really put a BIG boost on this game. I would enjoy it if you could fight the enemies somehow, and if the map was considerably larger(expanding past the view of one screen) allowing for some sense of exploration. This is a fantastic concept, and I'd love to see it improved.
***Btw, can someone please confirm the control glitch or let me know if its only my computer?

i dont really get the point of it

what am i supposed 2 b doing?? im gonna give u the benefit of the doubt 4 me bein a possible dumba*# lol

Not a bad start in programming

It has the look and feel of one of those old character-based games from the mid-1980s, the kind you used to find on TRS-80s. That's not a bad thing! The gameplay is all right so far.

But you need to either use icons instead of characters, or set a fixed-width font: since & is wider than . the movement of enemies causes the entire line to the right of them to jiggle and change. It makes it hard to figure out what will be where. Also helpful would be a way to end a level, and a method to keep the score from dropping below zero.

Pretty good for starters, but needs more to be finished.

ok, but

Good for a test, but does not provide any real entertainment. Also, you have to press the arrows every time you travel in one direction.

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2010
7:21 PM EDT