Mulan Kinetic Typography

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This is a kinetic typography project I did for as a project for my major this year. I felt that this song was very expressive, and thus served as a good candidate to be set in kinetic typography. Let me know what you think!

(Note: I haven't added a replay button, or stop at the end because I haven't figured AS3 out yet. sorry!)


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Nice! This must have taken days to put together. I love this song!

kazoodac responds:

Haha it did indeed! I'm glad you like it!

Very Creative

Good job

kazoodac responds:



It's good, and I like the movement of it, but I would have liked to see more variations in color/font, etc.

Enjoyable :D

Hi there,
Colour scheme worked well for me, and I think that the sharp cutting in of words really worked with the sharp "edges" to the song (great song btw)
My main critique is that the overall frame should be just a couple of pts larger, at least wider, there are some points where text just doesn't fit - which annoyed me a little.
overall though I enjoyed it, could have used a couple of decorative images, a little more character, rather than the same text in the same colour on the same backround all the way through.
great job though - I admire your work :)


The sync with the music (and choice) was very good. you varied your methods, which certainly makes it more entertaining. The size and style of fonts used i found were also apt.

However i am guessing you didn't have to use only red text? you could have used blue for water, red for fire, ect.

On the note of your stop and replay buttons..
>to stop you an use a stop(); command.
>>making a button is longer and involves using instance names and listeners. >>you can probably find a tutorial for it somewhere.

I learned quite a bit of as3, having only experience of as2, at "flash game university" (flashgameu.com), although i havent actually bought the book myself.
its actually a kind of blog but its still good.

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kazoodac responds:

thanks for the review!

Maintaining the red color was actually more of an aesthetic typographical choice than anything else; I didn't want to distract from the message of the song, so I focused my design more on letting size, placement and movement speak for the words.

Glad to hear you liked the syncing, I worked quite hard on that!

As for the AS3 stuff, I'll look into it! I already submitted a version with a preloader, but it hasn't updated yet. I'll get a replay button in there soon if people like it enough!

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Nov 1, 2010
2:24 PM EDT
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