Fortune's Tower

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Tower of Fortune is a game of luck and nerves, played with a unique deck of cards. To play Tower of Fortune, you must know when to press your luck, and when to take your money. Play well and you might see some big wins.

Some of the more eagle-eyed players will notice this game is based on one of the mini-games from Fable 2. I played that game to death and really liked it, and knocked this one up in 5 days from memory. It's my first non-action game, and hopefully not my last.

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Nice game, flows well.

i like it

I played the crap out of this game in Fable 2 also. It is a fun card game. Thanks

Not interesting, sorry.

Games of chance are based on knowing and playing the odds. In this game you can't do such a thing.

1) Its not a card game: There are only diamonds and the cards repeat. If I could post a screenshot it would be the 7 five-of-diamonds that are on my screen now.

2) The odds are disproportinate. With cards between only being between 2 and 7 there are slim chances. With an average of 4.5, 10 is a safe bet and anything else is silly so the betting system feels too inflexible.

Long story short: the game feels the same as calling heads or tails.

Without any depth to it the gambling feels childish. Without good sound or interesting graphics, I could only give it a three.


the game itself is good, however you need some kind of motivation or a story to keep people going.

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2010
2:21 PM EDT
Sports - Casino & Gambling